Fikri Prianton @Fikri_Prianton
@jakpost Dear pak @aniesbaswedan Please uncover the Ancol mermaid statue, It's just an art! the glimpse of woman's breast were not depicted as sensual as it is, I know the purposes to make it more polite but that's just totally wrong! @dprddkijakarta @JSCLounge @BPBDJakarta! @SatpolPP_DKI
ovi @ovifatari
Do people actually get horny for statues like this? twitter.com/jakpost/status…
ovi @ovifatari
This is clearly an art dissing lol
Dyara @sunflopaper
@ovifatari harusny dikasih beha, pntilnya masih keliatan tu
sekar @fiore_fls
@jakpost Akan lebih cantik lagi kalau berhijab
so-raya @dina_soraya
@jakpost Tapi lebih cantik lagi kalo berhijab *maaf sekedar mengingatkan 🙏
WaterBender @cutendah
@jakpost Salam hangat dari pantat patung Senayan. pic.twitter.com/XykHSSuou8
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Adi Siswoto @adiadoth
@cutendah @jakpost Patung senayan pakein sarung aja napa sekalian
WaterBender @cutendah
@adiadoth Mungkin karena jenis kelamin patungnya bukan perempuan, mas.
Wasi Widayadi @bebek_beruang
@jakpost People who are horny because of a statue are sick. Their "iman" is as thin as an ATM card, yet they blame others 🙄
Khadija @unwrappedlolly
So, how long until we get the news of local Jakarta man arrested without pants while humping mermaid statue? twitter.com/jakpost/status…


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