@pito0812 @Pito0812
@kwilli1046 Well, the dog owner is a jerk, he didn’t do anything to help that little kitten, I’m glad the cat came in the way she did, and I’m a dog guy, incredible!!!!
Katie @stancer61
@kwilli1046 A mother if fierce when protecting her young!!
Finn Gypsy @finn_gypsy
@Pito0812 @kwilli1046 He didn't have control of his dog either. Let it pull him over.
Hannah Walters @Hannahwalters0
@kwilli1046 That's just a bad dog owner, who doesn't know how to control his dog
MeChelle N @michelle_niklas
@kwilli1046 Don’t you ever touch my baby! I will tear your eyes out!
Tempest @theTempest_NJ
@kwilli1046 I believe the point of this video. At least to me, was to show how a momma cat will defend her babies. While some humans prefer to harm their babies. I'm probably overthinking this. But that's what it meant to me.
Alpinista @RickNielson1
@theTempest_NJ @jr_bohl @Hannahwalters0 @kwilli1046 Good point though. This is a non event with a decent owner. If my dog got a kitten in his mouth I’d whack him before the momma cat even got there.
Mark Williams @marksw_Q
@kwilli1046 That mom was on it ! And I would like to know why the man would let his dog attack the kittens? WTF 🙃✌️🇺🇸WWG1WGA
lisakitter @lisakitter
@kwilli1046 Mama protecting her babies, more women should do that.


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