"yang Namanya Ibu Pasti Akan Lakukan Apa Saja untuk Lindungi Anaknya" Aksi Induk Kucing Selamatkan Anaknya dari Serangan Anjing yang Mendadak Kagetkan Pemilik Anjing itu Sendiri

keren, dia melompat dari kejauhan
@pito0812 @Pito0812

@kwilli1046 Well, the dog owner is a jerk, he didn’t do anything to help that little kitten, I’m glad the cat came in the way she did, and I’m a dog guy, incredible!!!!

22/03/2019 04:55:39 WIB
Katie @stancer61

@kwilli1046 A mother if fierce when protecting her young!!

22/03/2019 04:57:33 WIB
Finn Gypsy @finn_gypsy

@Pito0812 @kwilli1046 He didn't have control of his dog either. Let it pull him over.

22/03/2019 04:58:15 WIB
Hannah Walters @Hannahwalters0

@kwilli1046 That's just a bad dog owner, who doesn't know how to control his dog

22/03/2019 05:04:01 WIB
MeChelle N @michelle_niklas

@kwilli1046 Don’t you ever touch my baby! I will tear your eyes out!

22/03/2019 05:16:13 WIB
Tempest @theTempest_NJ

@kwilli1046 I believe the point of this video. At least to me, was to show how a momma cat will defend her babies. While some humans prefer to harm their babies. I'm probably overthinking this. But that's what it meant to me.

22/03/2019 05:23:48 WIB
In God is Our Trust @RickNielson1

@theTempest_NJ @jr_bohl @Hannahwalters0 @kwilli1046 Good point though. This is a non event with a decent owner. If my dog got a kitten in his mouth I’d whack him before the momma cat even got there.

22/03/2019 05:53:44 WIB
Mark Williams @marksw_Q

@kwilli1046 That mom was on it ! And I would like to know why the man would let his dog attack the kittens? WTF 🙃✌️🇺🇸WWG1WGA

22/03/2019 06:43:45 WIB
Lisa Kitter @lisakitter

@kwilli1046 Mama protecting her babies, more women should do that.

22/03/2019 07:22:44 WIB


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