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[Video] Para siswa laki-laki dan perempuan dan kelompok pengendara motor di Selandia Baru mempersembahkan tari Haka sebagai bentuk penghormatan pada para korban penembakan di dua masjid di Christchurch. pic.twitter.com/ZXiFr8YE1y
Andrizal @Andri_AbuZaki
@BBCIndonesia @as3ps Sebagai muslim Kita apresiasi dan kita puji mereka.. Dan biarlah pihak gereja yg memuji kelompok yg menjaga gereja kalau lgi ada kegiatan di gereja.. Bukan muslim yg harus memuji.. pic.twitter.com/IT6Hy9xWZZ
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dims @dimasbaztian
@BBCIndonesia Setiap timnas basket New Zealand sebelum tanding slalu nari ini dulu
Jojo @jojomangkulla
@BBCIndonesia Selalu kagum dengan Selandia baru, entah itu alam dan masyarakatnya.
mochi ball @emiliiiyyyy
@BBCIndonesia I've learned this dance and it wasn't easy as you see :))
Qasim Rashid, Esq. @QasimRashid
Fuel for the soul✊🏽 I’ve learned the Haka is more than a ceremonial dance—it is an active response to white supremacist colonialists who tried to erase Māori culture. A declaration that we will not be silenced! I will never not retweet these videos. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/rlhdWUOame
Jill Joiner @Pastor_Jill
@MuslimIQ I learned that women used to perform haka as well yet it was illegal to until the 1990's. Thank you @FNXTV
james 🦁🍔♌️ @iloveramen35
@MuslimIQ My girlfriend is from New Zealand. And looking at these women here reminds of how gorgeous she is. I always make sure she’s safe and loved even from a distance. At first it took me a while to understand what was going on but now I do. 😩🤦‍♂️😂. At first this dance made me cringe
David 🚵🚵 @S13SFC
@MuslimIQ And has since been absorbed into and celebrated by everyday Kiwi culture as a representation of the true Kiwi heritage. It's a country that learns from its past and judging by the videos, has some great young people to shape the future.
Amy VCT @bee_kind_ok
@Pastor_Jill @MuslimIQ @FNXTV Thank you Jill, Opened up the comments just to see if this was going to answer My question, and it was!
David 🚵🚵 @S13SFC
@MuslimIQ You really should watch a video of the All Blacks doing a Haka before a major rugby match. Amazing demonstration of how Kiwi culture now celebrates its history.
amrigg 🆘 @amrigg
@MuslimIQ omgoddess the Maori are sooo cool - i wish i had culture like that, i have this dirty dishwater White culture of BE AFRAID and BUY MORE SHIT ... BLECH ... *sigh* ...
Shakir Ansari @ShakirAnsari123
@MuslimIQ Thinking how Maori could able to retain their culture #Haka . Great!
Fred X @JackSahko
@MuslimIQ I think we all need to learn this Haka. I don't now much about the dance but the ones I've seen are always stirring. They seem to express anger and resolve in the face of conflict, and even seem to taunt oppressive forces. Always powerful.
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