jodie @jodieegrace
ladies what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in a boy’s bathroom? allow me to start pic.twitter.com/WbvwM86H4b
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Larysa J. @AsyAus
@earth_to_sammie @carlyrenee1997 @britneylou Please - I need an answer to this question.... WAS IT ALIVE?!?!?!
Vanna Jenkins @Tactical_Sav
@AsyAus @earth_to_sammie @carlyrenee1997 @britneylou WHO WOULD CASUALLY PUT A DEAD BEAVER IN THE TUB?! ITS GOTTA BE ALIVE.
Larysa J. @AsyAus
@Tactical_Sav @earth_to_sammie @carlyrenee1997 @britneylou I dunno... Who would casually put an ALIVE beaver in the tub?!?! Some small amount of psychosis either way, I'd say... :D
jodie @jodieegrace
@officialdcarey They’ve all reposted my stuff multiple times lmao it’s annoying I love when people who can’t come up with content on their own make money off of mine
mays @mayson_truman
@jodieegrace was at some guys apartment walking down the stairs and i looked up and saw this pic.twitter.com/u8m3hNp0JG
AAAAHHH 🌸 @lxvdisc
@jodieegrace im at my boyfriend's place right now and just ran into his bathroom to take this pic for this thread. it's hidden behind the door so it scares you when you close it pic.twitter.com/zMnntl85jS
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