scholz associates @sz_associates
@kashthefuturist This is definitely the illusion of the century. Being free or even not depends on the information itself that the humans get and not on the way humans are getting informed.
Is it Spring yet?🌹🌞🌹 @simplylou58
@kashthefuturist @Nat90325515 It’s not the phone, it’s the internet it is attached to. The best and the worst.
Sriram Muthukrishnan B @ibala72
@kashthefuturist Why blame the tool. It is the people and the work culture who misuse the facility, that is the real problem. Focus where the problem is....
elizabeth ann cox @elizabethannc18
@kashthefuturist @kt4ut Life was simpler too and kids actually knew the other kids at school or down the road instead of texting all day on there phones even at school
Zen Riley @riley_zen
@kashthefuturist You knew where your kids were and who they were talking to, because you usually answered the house phone😉
@kashthefuturist Error. The problem is not in the apparatus but in ourselves. Of course, there were people who slaved to the phone with cable. Of course today there are people free having a wireless phone
Akhigbe julius @akhigbe22
@kashthefuturist So true now the phone is free and humans are tied
Proud 2b Eritrean @2bEritrean
@kashthefuturist The irony of it all is though, we moaning about the disadvantages of wireless phones while we using the very technology we blaming to pass out message across. If mobile phones are able to express their feeling, I am sure we would been labelled a hypocrites.
Prabjyot Sudan @Prabjyotsudan
@kashthefuturist A tool is only good as the things you use it for. Just like Twitter is only good as the people you follow. Most people don't use tools to their full potential. Can you blame the tools for that?
hazlo emma #thextraordinarionly @Hazloe3
@kashthefuturist Now, the phone has no cord, but its like its tied around our necks - never out of sight
JohnMaynardCPA @JohnMaynardCPA
@kashthefuturist Disagree. The world is better because of #innovation. Advancing #tech is like anything else - too much isn’t good for us. All things in moderation, including moderation. Also, meditate 20 mins twice a day and chill out. pic.twitter.com/DyAjy6fotg
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