Berpose kece, fokus netijen malah ke background Kylie Jenner dimana terlihat ada bercak hitam mirip jamur
Katie Goldsmith @ItsKTGoldsmith
Is this mould on kylie jenners walls wtf girl youre a billionaire pic.twitter.com/EP63k1y4U2
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kiana @kianababe2
kylie jenner’s house wall paper just make her house looks dingy
Ellie McLaren @elliemclaren
Whyyyy has Kylie Jenner got a wallpaper that makes it look like she has mould all over her walls?
gail platt @_Pheebus
Kylie jenner’s insta story looks like she’s advertising damp walls
your local thot @passthevodkaa
Even Kylie Jenner has mould on her wall
⚡️ Sadhbh ⚡️ @sadhbhers
Kylie Jenner’s wallpaper looks like the mould growing on some of the walls in my college house lol pic.twitter.com/dRm4RS1rje
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Isaac Wilson @Isaacwlsnx
Okay but why does Kylie Jenner have mouldy walls 😭😭 pic.twitter.com/T0uFIrSltP
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Gara-gara asumsi ini Kylie Jenner sampai klarifikasi di insta story
URL Mail Online 693 Kylie Jenner FINALLY explains the unusual dark splotches on her walls The reality star has been inundated with fans asking about the strange black spots on her wall, so she finally cleared it up with a short Instagram video, which revealed they're actually rose gold paint.
Steve Williams @swillmedia
Oh, thank God! I've been worried sick about the dark spots on Kylie Jenner's wall. dailym.ai/2XWgrR4
meg @meganfairgray
I want to talk about kylie Jenner’s wallpaper - it’s supposed to scream “rich gal with rose gold splattered walls” when it actually screams “student house covered in mould, but cba calling landlord to deal with it” ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 pic.twitter.com/tLYROv12jF
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Richie Harvey @richieharvey101
Wow thanks @KylieJenner for clearing that up because im sure everyone was definitely thinking the worlds youngest ever billionaire was going to have mould growing up her bedroom wall. If theres one thing in this life i cant deal with its that family. Get a real job pls
Gwynter is here ❄️🐺🔥🦖 @gwynethjane_
This is peak rich people, isn’t it? Kylie Jenner has glittery splodges all over her wall that look like black mould. Ive lived in houses like this. Cept it was actually mould. pic.twitter.com/dZuu1IxT57
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