Balqis Sidiqia @balqis_sidiqia
You haven't mastered the art of multitasking until you've become a mom. pic.twitter.com/PLXDFVt7Eg
ʟᴏᴠɪ @Yuraatchka
@balqis_sidiqia I haven’t stoped laughing and it’s been more than 5 min , she probably nagging his soul out of him 😭💀 pic.twitter.com/lKmiKwLWdt
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Equilibrium @chrystotom
@balqis_sidiqia i can never allow my wife go through that alone.
Equilibrium @chrystotom
@Mide_the_girl_ @balqis_sidiqia God bless you too darling, it's high time we stopped glorifying suffering.
Heena Esq @Raheena_S
@balqis_sidiqia and the man will be doing what exactly? Lol this sufferhead life isn’t for me. I reject it!
edumurphy @razorsmile
@Yuraatchka @balqis_sidiqia I think the complete lack of assistance on his part justifies any nagging.
Pumpkinx @islaantixaafada
@balqis_sidiqia All these comments about girls saying I won’t accept this and guys saying I won’t let my wife go through this THE REALITY IS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN 90% of the time the minute you are in a relationship/married the wife ends up doing everything and the guys don’t do shit!
Humberto Tito Uribe @Titotumadre
@Raheena_S @CmndoSev In context of the show @CmndoSev is right but nowadays who can afford to be a stay at home parent anyway
@Titotumadre @Raheena_S @CmndoSev She wasn’t just the kids parent, she was the husbands parent too lmao
⭐️🔥Leo🔥⭐️ @leo_buns
@8nubianqween @balqis_sidiqia And this generation of women will be the one to not put up with that “reality” from the guys. It’s either 50/50 or none.
Pumpkinx @islaantixaafada
@BunsAngel @balqis_sidiqia Some woman think by doing everything for a man it will keep him nooooooo sisters sometimes it does quite the opposite! Lie, cheat steal is common! I hope more woman adopt the “50/50 or none” mentality.
6.27% @ shooting shots @Pers_ality
@vaIeriaortegac @Titotumadre @Raheena_S @CmndoSev He takes care of her financially in the show and she took care of the house. Pretty fair trade
Emi @EmiEleode
@iChasney @Pers_ality @vaIeriaortegac @Titotumadre @Raheena_S @CmndoSev She probably works longer hours than the husband. Does she get paid for the extra hours? pic.twitter.com/OAKMlh5fRt
Domo @Domo_DMV
@dabod_speed @adjoabb @razorsmile @Yuraatchka @balqis_sidiqia No u had it right the 1st time she was definitely yelling to her son upstairs lol


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