Marcus @ImKingGinger
A man in New Zealand just shot a bunch of people in a mosque. Live streamed, it and told everyone to subscribe to pewdiepie.
Patrick Klepek @patrickklepek

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Patrick Klepek @patrickklepek
There is video of a mass shooting from a mosque in New Zealand going around. Yes, it includes a reference to PewDiePie. You do not have to watch it. Do not share it.
Patrick Klepek @patrickklepek
One thing I want to make clear: not sharing the video and not watching the video does not mean we should avoid talking about what happened. White supremacy and platforms that allow such movements to persist and thrive should be called out and condemned. They are complicit.
Bennett @bennjeff
@patrickklepek wait what is the pewdiepie reference in it? I hadn't heard that part
Brodie-Roy Magical Boy @BrodieRoy
@bennjeff @patrickklepek "Remember lads, subscribe to pewdiepie" -the shooter before getting out of his car.
lolmonade @l0lmonade
@patrickklepek I made the mistake of looking on their subreddit, and holy shit they give 0 fucks about the lives lost but are SO worried about how it makes pewdiepie look. These people have lost their minds with that warped perspective.
ƿ૯ωძɿ૯ƿɿ૯ @pewdiepie

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ƿ૯ωძɿ૯ƿɿ૯ @pewdiepie
Just heard news of the devastating reports from New Zealand Christchurch. I feel absolutely sickened having my name uttered by this person. My heart and thoughts go out to the victims, families and everyone affected by this tragedy.
| Adiyan | @AdiYaLVi
@pewdiepie Im a Muslim and im stunned and lost for words, what has happened to humanity
Sunfire [HOME cowriter] @Sunfire_SG
@AdiyanAlvi @pewdiepie The Muslim community in NZ is fantastic. They were heavily involved in helping people during the earthquakes. This is truly horrendous and I am devastated that this has happened to such a wonderful community that has always been there for Christchurch.
Average Joe @omarhamawi2014
@Sunfire_SG @AdiyanAlvi @pewdiepie I'd wager that he wasn't Muslim. The shooter, I mean. He just wanted to throw them under the bus because of his Islamophobia
Sunfire [HOME cowriter] @Sunfire_SG
@omarhamawi2014 @AdiyanAlvi @pewdiepie Shooter definitely wasn't Muslim. Muslims were the targets. It's awful
Average Joe @omarhamawi2014
@Sunfire_SG @AdiyanAlvi @pewdiepie I hope to god this man gets what he gave to those people. He hurt an entire community of people, and an entire country. Muslims in new Zealand may not feel safe any time soon.
Apache Pounces @hamtheapache
@omarhamawi2014 @Sunfire_SG @AdiyanAlvi @pewdiepie Hatred towards them is so uncommon here that i reckon they wouldn't feel that way, it's not as common as AUS, UK or USA
Sunfire [HOME cowriter] @Sunfire_SG
@hamtheapache @omarhamawi2014 @AdiyanAlvi @pewdiepie We judge people on visible actions in the community here. We have only seen positive things from the Muslim community. It's why there's so much shock here ATM. The entire country will rally around them. It's the kiwi way.
Average Joe @omarhamawi2014
@Sunfire_SG @hamtheapache @AdiyanAlvi @pewdiepie I really appreciate your standpoint on this. It gives me hope.
BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking
Forty people dead in New Zealand mosque attacks, PM Jacinda Ardern confirms bbc.in/2F2Wdwl
redball @redball2
New Zealand: a witness inside the Hagley Park mosque describes his experiences | Christchurch | March 15 2019 | Bloomberg pic.twitter.com/zpQx9AhjKN
Harshad @harshbongane
@BBCBreaking Terrorism is threat to world , need to unite together
Harshad @harshbongane
@2PMthoughts @BBCBreaking So many innocent lives taken already 😢 world must become a better place
Alika Wells @alikazamm
@BBCBreaking Thank you @BBCBreaking for not using any images from the offender's bodycam footage (from what I have seen). @nzherald @abcnews PLEASE FOLLOW THIS EXAMPLE.
Samia Khan @samiakhan183
@BBCBreaking And this was shot Facebook Live. How much more hate & blood we need in the world for us to start loving & accepting each other? 💔


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