Rob Fuller @BobbyF77LFC
@i_iove_nature This is how Thundercats started. 9 months later and Tigra was born.
Intoxicating Masculinity @thepocketgeek
@i_iove_nature Don't try this at home. Or, like, in a zoo. Or with a Jaguar.
Diedra Drake @DiedraDrake
@i_iove_nature Pretty sure that's illegal in a lot of places.
@i_iove_nature Cats, & women β€” if you think they will do something, they will usually do something else.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #Katyayan pic.twitter.com/xswhHU8dS0
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Jack Separo Gendeng @sudjiwotedjo
Mau kagum, tapi kubatalkan. Belum tentu org yg berani ma harimau ini berani ma suami/ pacarnya. Yg berani ma harimau dan pasangannya, belum tentu berani dibacok walau ud dibacain mantra kebal. Dst. Tiap orang pasti punya ketakutan, walau tampak hebat berani pada suatu hal. twitter.com/i_iove_nature/…
Suzanne @EssexDee
@i_iove_nature So sad. That tiger will never be wild or free, just someone's toy until they lose interest or are attacked. Then they'll just shoot it.
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