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I Talk About Problems. @ahenemfwkfwlso
Kang Sinmyung, The former Chief of the National Police Agency, strongly denies his connection with Seungri…
Rachel 💜 @DarlingSpectrum
@ahenemfwkfwlso Thank you for the translations. Wooow the last part is so suspicious...
Giv 💜 @VaeveeB
@ahenemfwkfwlso SK got really beaten now. I hope this issue will be settled soon and justice be served.
Mee just Me @mochibtsot7
@ahenemfwkfwlso This is scary, very smart of the Lawyer taking the evidence to ACCRC and not the police.
BighitUniverse😍 @Jimin_I_Promise
@ahenemfwkfwlso Wow..this issue is very shockin..if people cant even trust their law enforcement officers..its very scary. I see that what goes on in kdramas actually happens in
MochiJiminnie @LittleMiss145
@ahenemfwkfwlso This is why you can’t trust the police. You can’t trust them anywhere. I get that there are some good police officer. But the police workplace is corrupted.
passive aggressive bitch @exceptation
@ahenemfwkfwlso im really worried about the informant, lawyer, anybodys that has the balls to investigate. please protect their safety. i wish the informant would privately reveal himself to accrc (not to the public) so they can guarantee his safety. im afraid that they track his email.
passive aggressive bitch @exceptation
@ahenemfwkfwlso this is the definition of not all hero wear capes, i truly wish for blessings health and safety for the ones who fight for justice.
I Talk About Problems. @ahenemfwkfwlso
Highlight Yong Junhyung admits that he received molka from Jung Joonyoung and had “inappropriate conversation.” He announced his leave from Highlight.…
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Peach 🐥💚🍑 @peachietime
@exceptation @ahenemfwkfwlso I wouldn’t trust any organization tho honestly so easy to have spy within ACCRC too it only takes one person to speak the secret
passive aggressive bitch @exceptation
@peachietime @ahenemfwkfwlso true tho.. wishing truly for the best thing that could happen.
I Talk About Problems. @ahenemfwkfwlso
Taeyeon: #ziralcoral don’t you think it’s a perfect name for a color (Ziral refers to a behavior annoying af) ziralcoralziralcoralziral...
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Pannchoa @pannchoa
Theory about how the Jang Jayeon, Choi Jinsil, U;Nee and Jung Dabin's mysterious suicides are possibly linked to the Burning Sun scandal… Sign petition to extend the Jang Jayeon case investigation period here:…
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✰☽ @minseovevo
@pannchoa they’re actually talking about u;nee i teared up :(( no one ever talks about her anymore
SAM HILL @ssaammyysoso
@pannchoa Four beautiful women...I know it's a theory but damn reading this gave me in peace angels 💕
mochijimina @mochijimina
@pannchoa i feel sick. men are trash. my heart just hurts how many people have gotten way with so much in the industry.
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