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Ngakak Gak Berhenti Lihat Meme-Meme #InstagramDown, #FacebookDown dan #WhatsappDown Yang Bertebaran di Internet

FB, IG dan WA down, netijen curhat via meme di Twitter
E! News @enews

Not to be dramatic, but #FacebookDown & #InstagramDown make us want to cancel the rest of the day.

14/03/2019 02:00:10 WIB
Emma @_emmarose1

me after opening instagram for the 12th time in the last 5 minutes and it’s still not working #instagramdown

14/03/2019 06:05:36 WIB
griffin @griffinmikhail

me checking instagram for the 90th time in the last 5 mins #instagramdown

14/03/2019 06:21:10 WIB
Meghan Dale♡ @megssdale

me checking Instagram every 5 minutes to see if it is working yet #instagramdown

14/03/2019 06:29:46 WIB
weirdoken @weridoken

Me opening instagram for 65th time thinking it’s my internet #instagramdown

14/03/2019 06:40:45 WIB
Is Instagram Still Down? @lnstaDown

If someone tells you to log out and log back in again. IT IS A TRAP! #instagramdown

14/03/2019 06:57:32 WIB
Sal Fisher @HypentraSystem

#instagramdown Me: *deletes Instagram to see if it'll fix it* Instagram: *doesn't let me log in* Me:

14/03/2019 07:09:11 WIB
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Twi @Twi70730869

Me showing up to my unused twitter account to make some new friends during the #InstagramBlackout2019 #instagramdown

14/03/2019 07:16:33 WIB
kare @kkarolinaas

me after opening instagram for the 20th time knowing damn well it’s still down #FacebookDown #instagramdown

14/03/2019 07:21:22 WIB
FashionNova @FashionNova

Us, telling our future grandchildren about the great #InstagramDown of 2019...

14/03/2019 07:41:42 WIB
_nnthyy_ @Ngo17Thy

*me woke up and went on instagram as usual* instagram: something went wrong, pls try again me: #instagramdown

14/03/2019 08:25:29 WIB
Ally Kait @AllyKait1

All of our dumbasses realizing the mistake we made by deleting and reinstalling Instagram #instagramdown

14/03/2019 08:36:01 WIB
Andy Price @imandyprice

Instagram, Facebook AND WhatsApp? I guess you could say It’s the APPOCALYPSE! #InstagramDown #FacebookDown

14/03/2019 08:42:28 WIB
AMBER @crackheadlouie

me opening and closing instagram every five minutes to see if it’s back up #instagramdown

14/03/2019 09:03:32 WIB
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