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yours truly, the boy @BENHONCHO
genius marketing 😂 nigga know we gon need that condom after the haircut
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kg @kg__0
@BENHONCHO 😂staple through the condom tho? How genius is this really
Eve @eveeycruz
@BENHONCHO oh wait he wants more clients so he’s making you have kids 😂 in order to be their barber too
x-wjd ❄️ @icyauston
@_Zestyy @BENHONCHO thats the point... recruiting new customers 9 months in advance
nae$. @na3gotti_
@BENHONCHO lmao , this man tryna give y’all a jr 😂😂😂
yours truly, the boy @BENHONCHO
@SAVEUSNORA facts 😭 that staple gon leave a hole in it but it's the thought that matters
m̾a̾h̾l̾o̾n̾ @mahlon__
@kg__0 @BENHONCHO So his clients can have kids and bring in more business
LevRon🥶✈️ @eastsidelevy
@BENHONCHO They tryna make generations of clients out of you😂
Big Daddy Fat Stacks @KalinBuggs
@crownmora Like my mans said “genius marketing”😂😂😂
kym @crownmora
@KalinBuggs nigga it’s stapled there is no point now😂
Big Daddy Fat Stacks @KalinBuggs
@crownmora See you not thinking how the barber thinking 😂😂😂😂the barber tryna give that nigga a son so he can cut the son hair too😂😂😂
kym @crownmora
@KalinBuggs lmfaoooo but what if it’s a girl
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