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Langit Nampak Seperti Laut yang Membeku dan Sebagian ada yang Terlihat Terbelah "Kejadian yang Belum Terpecahkan Sains"

sesuatu yang sangat amazing untuk jadi nyata
Patriot Harley R. Quinn(Robin4Trump) @HarleyQ63272285

@kwilli1046 That's HAARP, and not the kind that angels play in Heaven. Be afraid. Very afraid.

10/03/2019 14:40:30 WIB
MrTryAgain @MrTryAgain1

@kwilli1046 It is called HAARP It is a Weather WARFARE SYSTEM It Caused Droughts and Creates, Intensifies, and Directs Tornadoes #MilitaryTribunal #Treason #Sedition #Traitors #DeathPenalty #GITMO #Guantanamo #RuleOfLaw #Corruption #DrainTheSwamp @BrexitLondon @CJUSTICETruth41 @misspunk63

10/03/2019 14:58:07 WIB
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Ross @ross1coe

@kwilli1046 Where’s the hell is Moses when you need him?

10/03/2019 15:40:24 WIB


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