Dennis Naghizadeh @DenzBenzi
Wait, what? The whole time? The whole time!? THE WHOLE TIME! pic.twitter.com/TO9u6M6pOO
Dennis Naghizadeh @DenzBenzi
I claim the title of Pineapple King Of Twitter!
Chad Nichols @str8pipes
@DenzBenzi @iowahawkblog I was today years old when I learned how to eat a pineapple
mirax @miraxpath
@DenzBenzi I live in the tropics and have never seen pineapple eaten this way.
Dennis Naghizadeh @DenzBenzi
@miraxpath Well go and do it now! Upfront of others. Make a change!
MissCassee™ @MissCassee
@DenzBenzi @miraxpath I feel like it has to be a certain degree of ripeness would have to be present for this to work so perfectly. Caveat Emptor.
Perrete @ChuchoIT
@DenzBenzi Just tried it. Fake news. Sore fingers. Kitchen is a mess. It kind of works but it's useless.
🎄Pippa🎄 @kiwipippa
@ChuchoIT @DenzBenzi Yeah, and how do you get the first piece out?
I Drew That Too! @NotTheMommaOk
@ChuchoIT @kiwipippa @DenzBenzi lots and lots of pain. those barbs aren’t there for decoration!😨
Claire @rebeccaclaire
@BotanicsMan @DenzBenzi So when you should be eating it. Now I have to google "how to tell when a pineapple is ripe."
BotanistAdventures @BotanicsMan
@rebeccaclaire @DenzBenzi when its ripe, you will be able pull it apart as shown in the video.
Claire @rebeccaclaire
@BotanicsMan @DenzBenzi I think the grocery store might get annoyed at me if I go around trying to rip their pineapples apart with my bare hands until I find the perfect one. 😅


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