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Martina Furno @MartinaFurno3

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel I think that you can take the tools that can help the teacher respond to challenge they may meet in their career #ITELab_eu

08/03/2019 03:23:19 WIB
Martina Furno @MartinaFurno3

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel I've not a model or something inspire me. I only have the dream to be a teacher until I was a child, I always have loved help my friend to learn new things and I believe that knowledge and learning are the basis of all that will come later. #ITELab_eu

08/03/2019 03:20:12 WIB
Martina Furno @MartinaFurno3

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel I want to be a teacher because I believe in this work, i believe that something could change starting from the bottom. I like staying with children because they are carefree and they help me to be like them #ITElab_eu

08/03/2019 03:16:54 WIB
Martina Furno @MartinaFurno3

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel I'm Martina and I'm 21. I'm studying to become a teacher. I love playing the guitar and paint and draw, too. I want to get involved in this experience and learn more about technologies. #ITElab_eu

08/03/2019 03:14:30 WIB
Sara Dias @SaraDia53170204

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel As the use of new technologies is increasing, I think they are a good tool for teachers to use and to help with various challenges that may arise. #ITELab_eu

08/03/2019 02:47:04 WIB
Wally🍭 @vagnarelliv

Sharing their passions, what you believed in, what you think about, what you would change, what is beautiful in this world and when you are enriched by the comparison... That is the #ITELab_eu 's power 🌈 twitter.com/abfromz/status…

08/03/2019 02:45:47 WIB
Sara Dias @SaraDia53170204

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel I decided to follow this pofession because working with children captivates me a lot. #ITELab_eu

08/03/2019 02:44:14 WIB
oriana @orianabucci

I'm very happy that a teacher like Alfonso D'Ambrosio is my trainer #ITELab_eu

08/03/2019 02:43:30 WIB
Sara Dias @SaraDia53170204

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel Hello, my name is Sara and I'm Portuguese. Study education in Portugal. #ITElab_eu

08/03/2019 02:40:06 WIB
Mariella Brunazzi @MariellaBrunazz

#ITELab_eu A5 the advantage is that we learn to look at issues from varied perspectives and to share our experiences, good practices and materials. We also build our network of contacts and work in collaboration with colleagues from all over the world. We open our mind

08/03/2019 02:34:13 WIB
Öznur Kulaca @oznurkulaca

@BartVerswijvel First of all the idea of coming together and sharing many ideas and then meeting many other teachers and trying to gain new ideas. For example this my first MOOC and first Twitter usage 😊 #itelab_eu

08/03/2019 02:33:42 WIB
Marinela @Marinel33064343

My name is Marinela, teacher from Croatia. More money in education, there is no future without teachers #ITElab_eu

08/03/2019 02:32:14 WIB
Leyla Ceylan @LyLCyLaN

Connecting with other teachers from different countries is a great opportunity to look teaching from different perspectives. Chatting, expressing opinions, sharing ideas are priceless. I believe there is a lot we will learn from each other #itelab_eu

08/03/2019 02:27:50 WIB
Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel I hope I can continue inspiring lots and lots of teachers as @eTwinning_be and @eTwinningEurope ambassador. Bart and Arjana, you are great #innovative teaching ambassadors! #ITELab_eu

08/03/2019 02:27:19 WIB
Clara @ClaraITElab

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel Thank you very much for this live event! It was really wonderful. #ITElab_eu

08/03/2019 02:26:17 WIB
Rui Jesus @RuiJesu38392780

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel It is important to learn from teachers with different education realities, with experiences and knowledge from different parts of the world. #ITELab_eu

08/03/2019 02:26:08 WIB
fatıma @bir_ki_deneme

I think we use this hashtag like a teaching diary :) when we improve a way for teaching,we should share it from here.ıf a person changes,world changes,this key is us,we re keys :) thank you my colleagues for beautiful chat:) #itelab_eu

08/03/2019 02:24:50 WIB
Valéria Rodrigues @ValriaR33114942

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel Thank you very much for this little sharing. It was very useful. #ITELab_eu

08/03/2019 02:23:28 WIB
Victorino @Victorini666

@abfromz @BartVerswijvel I want to become a teacher because I like to teach and I love being around children and connect with them. #ITElab_eu

08/03/2019 02:22:59 WIB
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