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—✩ Kiyotaka Ishimaru. @acompassofheart

@HopeProgrammer — (pt. 1) • Celestia bringing them to her poker matches, considering them her good luck charm • daydreaming a happy future together for themselves • Celestia would constantly make sure they've eaten/had water/gotten rest

07/03/2019 03:28:09 WIB
Pablo A Perez @DeftDraft

@JustSomeGoat1 yo I know real poker and online poker apps are completely different, but are there assholes who raise in things like hold'em before the cards are even drawn for the river or whatever?

07/03/2019 03:28:03 WIB
Devin Nunes’ Proctologist🇫🇷 @FBJ1976

@emptywheel Please please please shove this up Jordan and Meadows’ asses with a red hot poker.

07/03/2019 03:27:46 WIB
gizelle @gxzxllecb

Happy Birthday mah poker friend @DENlSAUR !!! Labyuuu😘💛

07/03/2019 03:27:33 WIB
SSS POKER_ @sss_poker

▥▩ SSS POKER ▩▥ ☞ Asia №.1 hold'em poker ☞ 다양한 토너먼트 ☞신규20% / 레이크백30% ☞ 멀티 테이블, 수백개 room ☞ #텍사스홀덤

07/03/2019 03:27:26 WIB
Marty Kinder @MartyKinder

Father/sons Poker Trip. Kyle took it down.

07/03/2019 03:27:11 WIB
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tonyrastas @tonyrastas1

@poker_red @PokerStarsSpain Yo quiero ganar evento #EQUINOX para poder comprar unos pantalones. Nick: tonyrastas

07/03/2019 03:27:09 WIB
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Kaito Kuroba (黒羽 快斗) @OfficialKaito

Smiles and laughter are always good, but never forget your Poker Face

07/03/2019 03:26:46 WIB
William "18 U.S. Code § 114" Sommers @fight_extremism

@DiamondRose1001 Well, in general - yes, but I’m gifted with an enormous amount of dry humor without laughing/smiling (according to others & have accepted this as being true in the meanwhile). In lots of places my nickname is “Stone Face” or “Poker Face”. But here, my apology for my seriousness.

07/03/2019 03:26:28 WIB
Dr PhD (Bobby's hands) @mickybooble

@banebutwoke Tom Watson is giving it large but he forgets he has zero public support. In poker terms he's throwing chips around like billy big balls all the while holding a pair of 2s.

07/03/2019 03:26:17 WIB
Alan Sien @akowrath50

@TheBradOwen happy belated birthday mine was 2/8. I know this is still early but our poker league is having our annual events at Vegas in November. Maybe we can chat and let me pick your brain a little before defending my title at Orleans.

07/03/2019 03:25:50 WIB
The Favorites Podcast @TheFavoritesPod

If we're talking about a poker game after a 1994 Bakersfield Dodgers game, it must be that time again. Welcome to... Storytime with @paulloduca16

07/03/2019 03:24:57 WIB
prisilia @prisili82982752

@breadmama3 Susah cari Situs judi online Poker dan domino99 yang bisa di percaya...? Mari gabung di CROWNQQ Bonus Rollingan 0,5% Setiap minggu Bonus Referal 20% Seumur hidup Agen Judi Online Terbesar dan Terpercaya se asia Daftar dan buktikan sendiri sekarang juga..

07/03/2019 03:24:57 WIB
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Mute07 @jorgevolante

Only managed to play 20 spins... results should be good but still, the low volume worries me. Will try to add a few more tonight #spinslife #poker #neverplay

07/03/2019 03:24:54 WIB
Mystalope @Mystalope

Graham to his buddies last week over Poker: and then right, God showed me his cock, and said ‘behold the cock of God!’, and I was like, I can’t use that story... everyone would think I was nuts!…

07/03/2019 03:24:19 WIB
Toon Ted's 96.5% @ToonBOD4

Should have let ya Mrs win the poker game Lewis #masterchef

07/03/2019 03:23:33 WIB
The G Kid (MIC) @TheGKidMusic

@recentpoker I dont believe ignition poker is legot... they have no social media.. and after playing for months I see that the bots are designed to steal all your money... opinions?

07/03/2019 03:23:12 WIB
Tuna @MinutemenDead

@iskockoylu @hebeleho @seray_solak Ne kuponu lan parasına zar atmayalım diye poker setinin zarlarını yok ettik aq

07/03/2019 03:22:55 WIB
Darryll Fish @DarryllFish

@dmoongirl @REGcharity Going back to Danielle as an example, due to the flexibility she’s afforded by this poker, she gets to spend more time with her kids than if she had almost any other job. That alone is worth a lot in my book.

07/03/2019 03:21:54 WIB
Miguel ángel 🏟️ @bet888es

¿Quieres tu asiento al 20.000 Sin Comisiones Evento Principal? 🕙 22:01 💳 3,3€ 🏆 5 Asientos de 50€ +Info:

07/03/2019 03:21:49 WIB
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