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Diambil Paksa Dari Laut, Lumba-lumba Terjebak Selamanya di Dalam Akuarium dan Hrus Menghibur Keegoisan Manusia by@dodo

pecinta alam dan alam liar pasti tidak suka hal ini
The Dodo @dodo

This is the heartbreaking way some dolphins end up in tanks πŸ’”

02/03/2019 22:00:00 WIB
Martin Alexander @MartinXander3

@dodo Shameful. These beautiful creatures deserve to be free πŸ˜”

02/03/2019 22:01:07 WIB
racHELL of the living dead πŸ§Ÿβ€β™€οΈπŸ’€βš° @VeganRachel

@dodo I'm ashamed I ever swam with dolphins as a child or gone to places where they were held captive. Despicable. #EmptyTheTanks #CaptivityKills

02/03/2019 22:06:34 WIB
. @UncleLono

@dodo Im just saying if some aliens captured me, and suddenly I didnt have to worry about food/shelter/health care/rent/bills... Id be, not thrilled, but its not like trying to survive is such a good deal either.

02/03/2019 22:09:04 WIB
. @UncleLono

@dodo especially if im an ocean critter? "You can be free in the ocean or swim in this tank" motherfuckers are trying eat me in the ocean. Gimmie that tank life yo.

02/03/2019 22:11:37 WIB
Lost in the Hidden World @LostHiddenWorld

@dodo Thank you @dodo for sharing @Dolphin_Project's story! The best way to stop this is to end it's support. These beautiful animals will only be saved if everyone works together to stop it. #DontBuyATicket #thanksbutnotanks #TheCove #Taiji

02/03/2019 22:14:33 WIB
Lost in the Hidden World @LostHiddenWorld

@UncleLono @dodo How about the fact that their lifespan is smaller in the tanks, they go blind due to poor filtration, and they are keptstarving so they preform tricks. The dolphins don't have to worry about trying to survive, they have to fear the next day.

02/03/2019 22:17:21 WIB
Γ‘aΓ―Ε„a singh @bobbysingh6900

@dodo Dolphins are so adorable. Why humans don’t let them live peacefully πŸ˜” πŸ’”

02/03/2019 22:19:02 WIB
Hanifah @nurhannifah

@dodo If it's that way. I don't wanna see them again in sea world 😫

02/03/2019 22:19:10 WIB
Lost in the Hidden World @LostHiddenWorld

@UncleLono @dodo Very few things try and eat dolphins besides people. I implore you to watch The Cove, follow @Dolphin_Project, and read up on this topic. This isn't a pleasant life, this is an endless nightmare.

02/03/2019 22:19:59 WIB
Lost in the Hidden World @LostHiddenWorld

@dodo Everyone please follow @Dolphin_Project and sign their petitions. You can also find out more about the dolphin drives by checking out their website. Only together can we stop this madness is by working together. #DontBuyATicket #CaptivityKills #TheCove #Taiji

02/03/2019 22:26:09 WIB
Spinning bird @Halfcourtbird

@dodo Do it Dodo!!! The demand is high to torture them for a life of captivity. #DontBuyATicket #EmptyTheTanks

02/03/2019 22:36:38 WIB
Amanda Huggan @mandybunty

@dodo Omg what has happened to our fucking world, I hate hearing this as jesus wanted to live life and be happy, not kill our beautiful precious creatures, this needs to stop and I mean now, not tomorrow or next week, but Now.

02/03/2019 23:43:12 WIB
frogfromroc @frogfromroc

@VeganRachel @dodo I haven't personally but I have seen people do it in Xcaret, Mexico and didn't think much about it back then; but now we know better and do better

03/03/2019 00:42:14 WIB
Lotta Persson πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ πŸ“ŽπŸ‘œ @717Mojo

@frogfromroc @VeganRachel @dodo I try to think it doesn't matter what we did before we knew about Taiji. It's what we do today that's matter. #Tweet4Taiji #OpSeaWorld #dolphinproject #SeaShepherd

03/03/2019 06:37:02 WIB


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