Tenang, Ini Pemandangan Biasa di Kathmandu Nepal, Seekor Anjing Minta Dituntun Manusia Ketika Menyeberang Jalan

dia berjalan dengan sangat lucu
lalulintas awesomes anjing menyeberangjalan ANIMAL
Farley Elliott @overoverunder
@WilderShaw_ @NatBCo Love that you started recording when it was just a regular dog. Like, just seeing a dog was already enough.
Carey Jones @careyjones
@NatBCo @dog_rates you have never seen a pup cross the street like this. 15/10
jermain warner @ayinde_warner
@NatBCo And just to let you know it’s the dog walking his human across the road and not the other way round
Siddhant Pusdekar @SiddhantPus
@NatBCo Woah. This is amaze I can tell it's india. Couldn't tell where.
Sash 🐲 @sashzilla
@NatBCo @15n3quarters Emm dangerous crossing? Nepali doggos be like here hold my hand😄.
Summer Anne Burton @summeranne
@NatBCo I just wanted to commend you not only for capturing this incredible moment but for composing a truly funny and laudably restrained tweet to house it. The video wouldn’t be the same without your introduction.
Marabel Seeger @MaryDe67
@kwilli1046 Every night before bed, after a long day, I go to your twitter feed. You lift my spirits, put a smile on my face, and remind me of the kind people, the innocence of youth, the resilience of humanity, animals taking care of animals. Thank You.


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