Only in Indonesia @CrazyinINA

Its just a normal day in Indonesia. We are a Fans/Parody of the photos/videos and do not claim any ownership/copyrights. 👉 We don't have Facebook and Instagram

maulsid @Maulansidiq
@CrazyinINA Itu polisi auto nengok. Udah gitu kompak pulak, di detik yg sama
Renyah @Renyahhhh
@CrazyinINA @ant_prsty Polisi nengol sambil ngebatin.. JIAHHH DUITTT KABURRR BGSDDDDD...
dwig wicaksono @dwigwicaksono
@CrazyinINA Cuma d lombok men netizen berani melanggar ll terang2an d dpn polisi pula 😂
🌸Angel_Khalidah🌸 @Angel_Khalidah
@CrazyinINA Where is that? And why do you hate Indonesia so much???
Only in Indonesia @CrazyinINA
@Angel_Khalidah oh come on, don't take it seriously my lov. We love this country, i think you must follow me, and i also recommend you to follow these @CrazyinRussia @CrazyinNippon @Crazzyintheusa @CrazyinMongolia @CrazzyArgentina @OnlyInIreland_ @Crazyinnasia @CrazyGloble
@Dsrrdz @CrazyinINA Untung dia lgsng ngecheat Bulet Kanan Bulet Kanan Kiri Kotak Segitiga Atas


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