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Chethana @Tall_Dreams
Guess what Kim Kardashian forgot at the restaurant? 🤦 pic.twitter.com/dGlgSQTEZG
☄α§hù☄ @flawed_ash
@Tall_Dreams Reminds me of Vin Diesel scene from The Pacifier....🙈🙈🙈
Bodied ÌYÁ_chairman👩🙉🔱 @CalidaDogbey
@Tall_Dreams Greatest stunt queen 😹😹😹..she totally had this planned
Mayaaa @miss0MFGspot
@Tami777 @Tall_Dreams Reva ma tok posla...ne lej ne štekam kako loh otroka pozabs...a kr gres on pa tm u stolcku sedi in gleda za tabo in konta kam gre mamica?!
El Tsunami Papi @CajunJalen
@Tall_Dreams I thought it was determined she was checking if the car seat was in there before she brought the baby when this video came out like a year ago
Lily 🌿 @blacksheeplily
@CajunJalen @Tall_Dreams If their driver (Kim uses a private driver when she doesn’t want to drive) drove them there... he would still have the car seat at the end of lunch.... right?
Vuyo @veeentsomi
@zeinabnajm @Tall_Dreams But I think could have gone and checked for her!🤥🤔
Udta_Poonja @VikramPoonja
@blacksheeplily @CajunJalen @Tall_Dreams And why would she take off her jacket, jus to check the seat only to them carry it back in and wear it again when she walks out with the kid 🤔
ندى فاضل @Nada_Fadel
@Tall_Dreams @pamoula هي ما نسيت. تعمدت تترك البيبي. لكن التصوير ما راح يبين الخلفيه ف تعمدت ترجع. شالت الجاكيت ورجعت دخلت لتاخذ البنت ليتم اخذ صور الخلفيه. اكيد. بترتيت. مخ امها
Kareem Marzouk @KiMoOoO777
@Nada_Fadel @Tall_Dreams @pamoula اهتمامك بالمؤخرة يضعك دائما في المقدمة.. 💪
cosplay om deddy @KLapamudaaa
@Tall_Dreams @gumpitsky Anaknya punya cerita di masa depan, pernah ketinggalan di resto pas lagi mamam sama emak.
𝐜𝐫𝐲-𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚 @gumpitsky
@kamilialatif Ga paham lagi akutu anaknya ditinggal.........🤦‍♀️
N @lisanadhea


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