Mashable @mashable
These disposable plates are made entirely out of leaves 🍃🍽 pic.twitter.com/y3VWc6Air4
noya @indomietelurr
@ajiwar yaelah bungkus nasi gue jaman SD itu mah 😂😂😂
AKHM @siabay
@ajiwar Bangsa kita tuh sudah cerdas sedari dulu, cuman kurang inovatif ajah kayanya.
Gilang Galiartha 🔴6️⃣🏆 @galiartha
@ajiwar Tenang, kalaupun dipakai secara massal dalam waktu beberapa puluh tahun ke depan nanti diketahui bahwa bahannya mengandung risiko ABCDEFG, kemudian ada kampaye menolak penggunaannya, kemudian negara² berkembang yg baru sampai teknologinya di sana disudutkam sbg penyampah wahid.
Orang India Protes
krithika sivaswamy @krithikasivasw
@mashable Phew.🙄🙄🙄 Come to India and visit temples. Ull get this donnai. What have u exactly invented ? We have been using leaf plates for centuries. pic.twitter.com/SDcb0BYvW1
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Sriram Velamur (SMV) @techieV2
@krithikasivasw @mashable Inspired, not invented. Nice word choice they have :P
Coward Yogi 🙈🙉🙊 @HospitalBaba
@krithikasivasw @garuna73 @mashable They have apparently invented a new way of production.. not sure what.. but to be fair to them, they have acknowledged that they were inspired from Asian countries and they haven't claimed to have invented the plates.
Meghna Girish @megirish2001
@krithikasivasw @mashable Made traditionally since ages, we in India have the best among 'disposables'- donnai, kullad, stitched and pressed leaf plates. Request all to reduce/stop using plastic/ other non-biodegradable's. The slightly higher costs should not make us cost our burdened mother-earth.
Sunil Mathews @rogue_nationn
@poddar_shashank @tishtriya @krithikasivasw @mashable There is nothing more infuriating than eating off a plastic plates made to look like banana leaf in restaurants. Unfortunately even in temples they have started serving Anna Prasada on steel plates.😥
शशांक पोद्दारShashank Poddar🇮🇳 @poddar_shashank
@krithikasivasw @tishtriya @mashable I feel sad as these Donas are on the verge of getting extinct people leaving these natural and auspicious ones and using the ones made of paper, plastic,thermal material.
Ashwin Deepak @AshwinDeepak3
@HypocrisyExpos2 @bijupanicker70 @novipinindia @paroksham @krithikasivasw @mashable Oh yeah, the chap remembers now. I've been outside India most of my life, so haven't eaten much in India
Bharath Krishna @bharathkkrishna
@HospitalBaba @krithikasivasw @garuna73 @mashable first stealing complete knowledge, coming up with new methods of production which may be of higher yield, then getting a patent of it then tell original inventers to get the copyright, make money out of it, this is what happening with Indians and their inventions for centuries.
Bob Biswas @InternetLully
@mashable FYI for people commenting: Nothing is invented or discovered until a white person makes a claim on it


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