Videonya Terlanjut Di-retweet Ribuan Kali, Ini Penjelasan di Balik Video Hoax "Thailand Musnahkan Massal Babi" Lantaran Disebut Sebabkan Kanker

Video tersebut diambil dari kasus virus epidemik di Tiongkok yang menyebabkan babi harus dimusnahkan.
Ingusan Channel @ChannelIngusan

Thailand resmikan negaranya BEBAS BABI, "HARUS DIMUSNAHKAN, dilarang memakan, memelihara, mengimpor", stlh yakin hasil bbrp thn penelitiannya, bhw BABI & SEMUA DERIVASINYA adl PENYEBAB UTAMA KANKER. Fakta Tak-Terbantahkan... 14 abad lbh, Al-Qur'an sdh memberitahukan. Video 2:

21/02/2019 21:22:43 WIB
Hasbunallah W N W @haristyana

@ChannelIngusan Tdk beradab cara pemusnahannya, meski babi diharamkan akan tetapi babi tetap makhluk Allah, biarkan hidup di alam dan habitatnya di hutan krn pastinya hanya Allah yg punya kuasa dan hikmahnya....

21/02/2019 23:04:11 WIB
Ryana Andhini @RyanaAndhini

@haristyana @ChannelIngusan Setuju. Seharam2nya gak tega liat makhluk hidup ditimbun hidup2 gini. Sembelih dulu harusnya

22/02/2019 09:43:10 WIB
zu @zulaikhazaki_

1. this is not in thailand, this is in china 2. they had to be burned bc the pigs are infected by a virus 3. check ur sources before u post something!! 4. yall gotta stop pointing everything on muslims!!!…

25/02/2019 13:12:08 WIB
MAFINDO @TurnBackHoax

Akun Resmi Masyarakat Anti Fitnah (MAFINDO) Pusat.

MAFINDO @TurnBackHoax

[SALAH] "Pemusnahan babi massal di Thailand" Bukan di Thailand, lokasi kejadian pemusnahan Babi di video yang disebarkan oleh SUMBER adalah di Tiongkok. Selengkapnya di bagian PENJELASAN dan REFERENSI. #LawanHoax

25/02/2019 22:09:56 WIB
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Wow someone actually @Adamxfyjop1

@zulaikhazaki_ @awkward_penyu Can I ask what virus exactly the pigs had that they had to be burned alive rather than killed and then burned? Or possibly an article or whatever to read up on this?

25/02/2019 15:51:59 WIB

The horrific images of the animals’ grim end shows the scale of the ongoing African swine fever outbreak which China is wrestling to control.

China's Agriculture Ministry confirmed a new outbreak of the virus in central Hubei Province yesterday.

This brings the total number of provinces or municipalities hit by the disease to 14 since August.

The disease causes domesticated pigs to suffer fever and bleeding, before dying in about a week.

Experts suggested the widespread disease is being carried in pig feed, which comprises mainly kitchen waste.

URL GRAPHIC PICS: Swine fever OUTBREAK with 50 cases as thousands of pigs 'burned alive' SHOCKING pictures show pigs allegedly being burnt alive in pits as China desperately tackles its swine fever outbreak. 6206
Wow someone actually @Adamxfyjop1

@zulaikhazaki_ @awkward_penyu Thank you. Bir it doesn't really explain how burning the pigs alive helps. I hope the farmers can find more humane ways to put the pigs out of their misery.

25/02/2019 15:57:45 WIB
zu @zulaikhazaki_

@Adamxfyjop1 @awkward_penyu yea im sad abt that too :( there are probably better ways but maybe this is more economical/safer? or maybe its hard for them to euthanize each pig. idk :/

25/02/2019 16:01:35 WIB
Zulkiflee Edward @karipapcendol

@zulaikhazaki_ @Adamxfyjop1 @awkward_penyu Yeah I think they should all be dealt with in a more humane way, maybe by putting it to sleep like how we put our sick dogs to sleep, or if this way is a little costly, at least make the killing fast. Like putting a bullet straight into its head.

25/02/2019 18:50:07 WIB
ledakan melankolis MONG @Mimong__

@edwardloon280 @zulaikhazaki_ @Adamxfyjop1 @awkward_penyu China handle pigs in large amounts. We're not talking about sekandang 10 ekor. Kalau sembelih, virus dalam darah berjangkit ke penyembelih, yg akan ancam nyawa manusia. Kalau cucuk racun, you kill the pigs, not the virus. Cost pulak mahal. Bakar is the right option.

25/02/2019 21:32:34 WIB
Zulkiflee Edward @karipapcendol

@Mimong__ @zulaikhazaki_ @Adamxfyjop1 @awkward_penyu I get your idea, but is it necessary to inflict so much pain and suffering to the pigs? They didn’t ask to be infected with such virus.

25/02/2019 22:09:46 WIB
Zulkiflee Edward @karipapcendol

@Mimong__ @zulaikhazaki_ @Adamxfyjop1 @awkward_penyu So if we were to talk about complete destruction of the body in order to eliminate the virus, at least make sure the pigs are dead first before burning them. No point in making them suffer and dying slowly.

25/02/2019 22:11:55 WIB


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