"What a Bleshing She Is.." Sekedar Cuplikan Definisi Anak Berbakti yang Sesungguhnya, Merawat Ayah yang Terkena Struck Sendirian

dia memakai teknologi praktis yang aman digunakan keduanya
Lataine @Lataine16

@kwilli1046 That's awesome little girl, She is a great nurse at her age. God bless 🙏 her and her Dad.

22/02/2019 10:12:33 WIB
Cathy VanderHoeff @CVanderhoeff

@kwilli1046 Family is a beautiful thing! A loving and kindhearted daughter!!!

22/02/2019 10:31:26 WIB
Miestro#1⭐️⭐️⭐️ @indigoace40

@kwilli1046 This is so touching and beautiful. Every parent prays to have a child/children this dedicated to them in times of need.

22/02/2019 10:39:37 WIB
Jc @j222c

@kwilli1046 @mrplannings Shame that she should have to do that at young age, needs to be just a kid

22/02/2019 10:43:49 WIB
Lynn B @mommabaer

@kwilli1046 That is amazing. She knows exactly what to do.

22/02/2019 11:18:32 WIB
Kravtsauce & Kakko @kravtsovt

@kwilli1046 @CarBombBoom13 She’s actually 35. Asian women are just short... In all seriousness, very cute.

22/02/2019 11:20:56 WIB
🇺🇸They Call Me Rusty🦅 @Rufus_Colter

@j222c @kwilli1046 @mrplannings Family takes care of family. I know middle aged adults who are too busy to take care of ailing parents. I find asians tend to care for their elderly better than westerners.

22/02/2019 12:01:16 WIB
JP @TailgatelotB

@kwilli1046 @CarBombBoom13 Thanks Daniel.. appreciate what you are doing! I’m a former hack amateur hockey guy who got my bell rung many times. Just kept going. Rear ended in accident at 58 years old and now having memory issues. Keep up the fight #seriousstuff

22/02/2019 12:28:35 WIB
albert thai @washbar

@kwilli1046 @TerrDonCantrell I caught myself watching this three times in a row. Daughter of the year indeed.

22/02/2019 15:12:20 WIB


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