Did Sonia Gandhi Cry When...

When Twitter heard that Salman Khurshid mentioned that Sonia Gandhi cried when she head of Delhi's Batla House encounter, tweeple were terribly upset at that seeming hypocrisy. So they bombarded twitter space with 1000s of questions if Sonia did cry when...
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Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
Tears for Batla House dead.. Candles for Ishrat Jehan.. "Ji" added to Osama.. but... torture for Sadhvi.. paralysis & death to Rajbala :(
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
Digvijay openly says Osama JI.. Sonia cries for Batla House terrorists.. Rahul thinks RSS dangerous than Islamic terrorists. God save India!
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen her ally Trinamul Congress' leader led a mob that burnt, raped & killed innocent Hindu villagers at Deganga, Poschim Bongo?
Ankush Pandey @ankushraj29
#DidSoniaCryWhen 1000s of Sikhs were burned by Congress Workers asks Balbir Punj
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen over 4,00,000 #Kashmir Hindus were brutally uprooted from their ancient homeland, due to stupid policies of PM husband?
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen 2 year old Swastika Sharma was brutally killed by Islamic terrorists at Varanasi, UP? http://t.co/2DlytXL1
@reinstallindia @REINSTALLINDIA
#DidSoniaCryWhen she saw Photos of Godhra Train Coach? 64 innocent Hindus were Burnt Alive just to send a Terror Message.
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen When SI Abhay Yadav's mother cried hysterically when maoist terrorists kidnapped her son? http://t.co/H5lsHVZU
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen this Delhi woman went into deep mourning after losing a family member to Islamic terrorism? http://t.co/kDbHIRDb
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen her govt sent police to mercilessly beat peaceful protestors at midnight, during Baba Ramdev's meet? http://t.co/tvieIJKV
Amith karanth @amithk108
"#DidSoniaCryWhen :Kalmadi,Sheela looted CWG Funds,When A Raja looted 2G#she was laughing.” @gsurya
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen when her goon ministers shamed Uttar Pradesh by kicking openly an unarmed protestor, on camera? http://t.co/zGvVJvUz
Nandita Bayan @bnandita
#DidSoniaCryWhen so many farmers in the country dies cz of debt burdens
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen When her mother-in-law brutally murdered democracy of India via draconian emergency? http://t.co/jJxkWW6v
Sumit @sumitsaurabh
#DidSoniaCryWhen Kerala CM says 'not even a dog would have gone there' in context with sandeep unnikrishnan family :(
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen when dozens of brave journalists were killed by politicians/criminals in India? http://t.co/sNBoeMcV
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen just for protesting against black money, this young man of India was brutalized by her police/govt? http://t.co/tvu7AZwl
CRUSADER @ViewsofIndian
#DidSoniaCryWhen When more than 20,000 deaths and 167,000 people injured in Gujarat Earth Quake in 2001
#DidSoniaCryWhen India is being communalised by the #Congress party and extremists!! I know the party wants to destroy our country !! :(
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen her party's general secretary insulted RSS and patriotic Indians, by participating in a pro-Pak meet? http://t.co/slIUsAyX
Congress (I) i = Islamic @CommunalCongres
#DidSoniaCryWhen When her Islamic kids attacked on Parliament, killed score of security personnels?
Kiran Kumar S @KiranKS
#DidSoniaCryWhen a terror buddy Binayak Sen got into Planning commission, after he openly stood with a killer of 300? http://t.co/Y4ovSgEU
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