zaarzaar @batsytrash
the kids who did this for fun are depressed now pic.twitter.com/xk3JynJG5i
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Fallen~From~DisGrace @nadia_beckett
@batsytrash Did that all the time.. 90's nostalgia..😹😹😘
bruno 47🦄 Fan Account @yagottarelax
@Iam_TheNick @batsytrash Yeah I used to do this I’ve never had a depressed day in my life
superfluous @mahwishkxo
@batsytrash hoooooly macaroni W O W this did some serious numbers
I'm really, truly, honestly sorry. @FugaPericulum
@batsytrash A.) Just about everybody does that unless they're too phobic about needles to try. B.) Depression is a legit response to the state of the world rn.
🎬Xanthan🎥 @Xanthan81
@batsytrash I've done this before, you essentially pit the needle through a small sliver of the top layer of skin on your finger. It looks like the needle is magically on your finger & won't fall off.
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