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Bisa Bikin Cowok Minder, Takjub Lihat Rekaman Seorang Wanita Juggling Bola Tanpa Jatuh Dalam Waktu Lama

Cowok aja belum tentu bisa
bola emak juggling sepakbola swahili bakat Super Woman
Akin @AkinSawyerr
Talent is evenly distributed, opportunity isn’t
Sean @HardisonKobby
@AkinSawyerr Dont understand the language but am pretty sure she said "u are all useless" to the men standing there at the end
Ipyana Francis @Ipyana1
@KishenSedani @WilsonFan10 @HardisonKobby @AkinSawyerr That’s Swahili, “Pesa yenu ndogo” meaning the “money is not enough” refering to what the audience had contributed for the ‘show’, so she had to cut it short.
Gachirũ @gaciru
@HardisonKobby @AkinSawyerr She said your money is too little. ‘Pesa yenyu ndogo’. They just have placed a bet and they lost.
Babs @Simply_Jide
@tosicky10 @AkinSawyerr @BabatundeCASH @seun_ladun @juwonola @paulkapture @iamlanreban Ball juggling doesn’t necessarily mean you are a good baller but I’ve got to give her credit.She even did all that with her skirt on. wild 🙆‍♂️
John Olubori David @holuborhee
@spencer_alli @ChocolateMoana @AkinSawyerr @kemo_Adi That's not what it means, it meant there is talent everywhere. A talent that can be found in Barcelona, Spain also exists in Owerri, Imo State.
Russian Thot @tspack0
@holuborhee @spencer_alli @ChocolateMoana @AkinSawyerr @kemo_Adi “Talent can be found anywhere” and “Talent is evenly distributed” are two very different statements.
Moontes 🌚 @msumoontes
@tspack0 @holuborhee @spencer_alli @ChocolateMoana @AkinSawyerr @kemo_Adi Talent is evenly distributed from a macro demographics standpoint is absolutely accurate and absolutely what the tweet was referencing.
PC @Elodaave
@Inkr3dibl3_k @AkinSawyerr @Fastbutnotfuri2 Looking like most pro footballers when they're trying for a penalty


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