Dante' Jones @Dantej21
Unbelievable footage from the pileup on I-70 today. My jaw dropped to the floor first time I saw this video. pic.twitter.com/kKeauYDlfG
Paul D.(6-4) @PDeSanChief
@Dantej21 I have been driving in snow since I got my license in Utica and buffalo NY and I am not sure I have ever seen such recklessness in it. This is mind boggling why are they driving so fast or was it that slick?
Michael😈 @michaelcard82
@PDeSant15 @Dantej21 It was slick and you couldn’t see more then a couple feet in front of you
Trey Crosby III Guru @TCIIIESQ
@michaelcard82 @PDeSant15 @Dantej21 If you can’t see more than a few feet in front of you then you probably shouldn’t be driving that fast
Uwaine @Uwaine
@RobertShelli @TCIIIESQ @michaelcard82 @PDeSant15 @Dantej21 I've seen people drive that fast without being able to see in the Tule fogs in California central valley and north, but I've never seen people drive that fast without being able to see in the snow and ice. That video clip is insane. And I'm glad she stayed in the truck.
No Border Wall 🌊 @CynthiaHennecke
@Uwaine @RobertShelli @TCIIIESQ @michaelcard82 @PDeSant15 @Dantej21 I once drove in the Tule fog in CA with my door open so I could see the line in the road. The fog only came just over my hood, but I couldn't see the road. Didn't drive that fast. And wouldn't try that method again.
Kno @Kno
@Dantej21 Stay in the damn truck, Tanika.
Uwaine @Uwaine
@CynthiaHennecke @RobertShelli @TCIIIESQ @michaelcard82 @PDeSant15 @Dantej21 Grew up in Maine & learned to drive there. I've experienced all sorts of weather; thought black ice was the worst driving situation. Tule fog matched it. All these people traveling 70+ mph without being able to see. I pulled off the highway & had breakfast until the fog lifted.
Zuantum @zuantum
@Uwaine @CynthiaHennecke @RobertShelli @TCIIIESQ @michaelcard82 @PDeSant15 @Dantej21 Fellow Mainer who recently moved to Seattle and have learned that no one here knows how to drive in snow even just a few inches.
Clayton Cane @dropdgold
@Kno @Dantej21 🤣 Where da hell did Tanika want to go? Dodging out of control cars to stand in the cold & snow?
Queso @jay_m_pee17
@Dantej21 You’ve gone viral again my friend. Lol Don’t forgot about us when you’re making your speech
Dante' Jones @Dantej21
@jay_m_pee17 Haha! Never. I just need to figure out a way to turn these tweets into $$ lol.
Dante' Jones @Dantej21
@jay_m_pee17 Lol I wish I had a formula. I don’t know how this keeps happening.
Dante' Jones @Dantej21
@jay_m_pee17 Ay, when my tweets go viral, it’s for all of us haha.
Daniel 🇺🇸🇸🇪🏒 @DanielDmanx123
@dropdgold @Kno @Dantej21 Did Tanika want to play Snow Frogger lmao, that shit is dangerous
Fraudnald J Dump @clarkfreaknkent
@Dantej21 Why on earth would she want to leave the safety of the truck to be outside where cars are speeding out of control? She must have a death wish.
Turkey Neck @OneTrickTofani
@Dantej21 Does Javon have social media he posted this on
Eric Chochon @CommonSenceDude
@CoonStuffs @clarkfreaknkent @Dantej21 There would've been 2 fatalities though. Semis were going off the road so they didn't smash smaller vehicles she might've made one stay on being in the side of the road.
Ray Hynes @KillerBeesDad
@Dantej21 If that first semi doesn’t steer off to the side, that’s probably ball game for everyone.
Hasse Erbine @Hasserbine
@CommonSenceDude @CoonStuffs @clarkfreaknkent @Dantej21 It's not rational, but it's natural. Imagine being that close to hurt people and having to choose to do nothing.
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