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Level Rahim Anget Lebih Dramatis, Shawn Mendes Promo CD Calvin Klein Direply Meme Gahar Netijen Internasyionel

Cewe Indonesia minggir dulu kalo begitu soal curhat rahim anget liat Jojo "Jonathan Christie"
Shawn Mendes Updates @MendesCrewInfo

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Kalen Allen @TheKalenAllen

@ShawnMendes @CalvinKlein I really didn’t think today would be the day I’d end up pregnant but yet here we are!

17/02/2019 05:42:29 WIB
lu @joelnewrules

Tápese mijito que te me vas a resfriar

17/02/2019 05:49:25 WIB
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tim sicocan @TSicocan

@WillehBeh @TheKalenAllen @ShawnMendes @CalvinKlein I don't think any of us want to see him banned for ummmmmm that kind of reaction.

17/02/2019 05:50:34 WIB
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