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Gronkowski didn't have the angle @dieg0pestana
@universal_sci you could trade walk and run, it would make more sense sice people who are walking can stop to text
dustin👍 @societycodex
@universal_sci If theyre texting how the fuck they gonna see it
Ophio @Ophio5
@universal_sci @WorldAndScience The text lane should lead up to a brick wall.
Helmar @helmchenTN
@universal_sci @ManMadeMoon Why would they put running next to texting. They’re asking for accidents. Unless it’s a joke, since I don’t know the context...
Veera Pratap Desu @VeeraPratapDesu
@universal_sci One defect in this design all texters will collide each other atleast normal one will avoid many...:p
jesse o'malley @dragonram7924
@universal_sci the text lane needs to take a path into highway traffic
🅱️p103 @Bp103
@universal_sci Not pictured on the right is "gotta poop"
Ubaldo Garcia @GarciaUbaldo23
@universal_sci @WorldAndScience Finally!!! These Lanes should be marked all over theme parks, airports, shopping centers, grocery stores, schools, and just about anywhere there is a large concentration of people. Politeness and common sense would be easier, yet they seem to be impossible for humans to achieve.
Thrasher33 @canadianensign
@universal_sci @WorldAndScience I just walk into those people on purpose. Teach them a lesson


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