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Cheddar @cheddar
SCOOP: TikTok has hired a veteran Youtube executive, Vanessa Pappas, to be its first General Manager for the U.S., our @alexeheath reports. The hire of Pappas indicates that TikTok’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance, is solidifying their commitment to the North American market.
Koukichi Takahashi @Koukichi_T
#速報 TikTok、YouTubeのベテランエグゼクティブ雇用。米国ソーシャル企業の抱く脅威。バイトダンス/ByteDance最新情報2019 |… #TikTok
URL Koukichi Takahashi Photography #速報 TikTok、YouTubeのベテランエグゼクティブ雇用。米国ソーシャル企業の抱く脅威。バイトダンス/ByteDance最新情報2019 | Koukichi Takahashi Photography 中国TikTokがYoutubeのベテランエグゼクティブ雇用の話が浮上。
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