#SLPsnQs on mentors and their advice

#SLPsnQs discussion from Feb 2 and 3, 2012 about who have been mentors and their most valuable advice.
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
#SLPeeps Who has been your slp/slt mentor(s)? Formal or informal? How did it happen? #SLPsnQs <-incl this! http://t.co/5c9FzNDJ
Heather Heaman @hheaman
My mentor taught me the joy of working in a client's home: that you can (& must) make all tx relevant and functional! #SLPeeps #SLPsnQs
natalie @natasaur
@SLPTanya I love my mentor Angela Gong, who @ASHASTEP matched me with! #SLPsnQs I guess she's my formal mentor! :)
Tracy Schraven @Merkath7
@SLPTanya Mine r role models since I'm #SLP2B. Caroline Musselwhite is the main 1. She's the 1 who really talkd me in 2 bein an SLP #SLPsnQs
ColtDancer @ColtDancer96
My mentor? Or inspiration? Actually - the two OTs I've worked with. They are amazing and push me to be a better therapist. #SLPsnQs #slpeeps
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
@Merkath7 mentors don't have to be formal, they just have to be your go-to person for info and guidance! #slpsnqs
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
Mentor= the person/ppl you go to for guidance/advice in your profession http://t.co/T0wuGn1t #slpsnqs @mtmarySLP
Tara Roehl @SpeechyKeenSLP
My mentor: A professor from college who opened my eyes to speech & has since then encouraged, cheered, and supported me! #slpeeps #SLPsnQs
Mary @MTMarySLP
@SLPTanya I coudl also answer it as 2 particular Professors that I am still in contact with... a lot. #SLPeeps #SLPsnQs
ColtDancer @ColtDancer96
#SLPeeps #SLPsnQs I'd second Mary's comment; following peeps on here has been a good push this year. Thank YOU! :)
Daphne Goold @daphnegoold
@SLPTanya my childhood SLP, my medical placement supervisor… #SLPsnQs
LessonPix @lessonpix
Hmm.. I'm not an SLP: I follow to know what you need, but Ginny Dixon-Wood at UF is one of my heroes http://t.co/UY5o1pqr #SLPsnQs
Shiree Heath @shireeheath
@SLPTanya #SLPsnQs #mentor ... partner of a man with aphasia: her personal insights have made me a better clinician and researcher.
Shiree Heath @shireeheath
@SLPTanya #SLPsnQs ...met 5yrs ago at a conference: later found out she was Professor of Psych at my uni! Both professional/personal mentor.
Tanya Coyle @SLPTanya
I am loving that not all people's mentors are necessarily in the same profession! #SLPsnQs
Deb @Deb_SLP
#SLPeeps Right now, my best mentor seems to be the Ed Diagnostician and OT #SLPsnQs
My mentor and good friend has been @slprj. I couldn't have asked for a better clinician to train with. She is so insightful! #slpsnqs
마 야 Maya @SpeechTherapist
@mtmarySLP @SLPTanya Me?! Oh...I'm speechless! :) But I agree w/Mary. My ongoing mentors are #SLPeeps! #SLPsnQs
마 야 Maya @SpeechTherapist
@SLPTanya In grad school, it was Flo Kimmerling. She taught us how to develop a very high EQ - empathy quotient.#SLPsnQs
Stacie Attrill @SAttspeech
1st mentor was amazing SLP #clinicaleducator who taught me the fundamentals of neurology, but moreover, the importance of empathy #SLPsnQs
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley
#SLPsnQs my first mentor was peer @RuthDSLP we met on the first day of orientation at Uni #Cumbo!!!
Dr Tricia McCabe @tricmc
@SLPTanya #slpsnqs -Sue Balandin (4 resrch), Teena Caithness (mentoring other slps), Di Maloney (how to be slp boss)
Lilly @commforall
I'm lucky. I have a mentor appointed by my grad school and one by the school I work for. Both are great help! #SLPsnQs
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