Jakarta - Label produk olahraga Nike jadi perbincangan hangat di media sosial karena diduga menyematkan lafadz Allah pada sepatu Nike Air Max 270. Tepatnya di bagian sol sepatu.

Tulisan yang diduga lafaz Allah dalam bahasa Arab itu terdapat pada tulisan latin Air Max yang ditulis dengan font khusus. Banyak netizen yang merasa hal itu merupakan penghinaan terhadap Tuhan dalam agama Islam. wolipop

URL wolipop 8295 Diduga Ada Lafadz Allah di Sol Sepatu Nike, Netizen Buat Petisi Label produk olahraga Nike jadi perbincangan hangat di media sosial karena diduga menyematkan lafadz Allah pada sepatu Nike Air Max 270.
URL Change.org 1023 Sign the Petition Nike needs to recall offensive shoe with Allah’s name from worldwide market immediately
Yàsìn @MrYasinP
Hi @nikestore @Nike @NikeRunning was looking at the Flyknit Air 270's but was disturbed by the uncanny resemblance of the Arabic text of Allah. Please can you @Nike change this as it is ridiculing God's name and Muslims are upset! #NikeAirMaxLogo pic.twitter.com/cVdBMtUhzo
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Yasif @19yas82
@Nike why are you putting the Arabic writing of Allah at the bottom of your trainer care to explain please pic.twitter.com/J3DbTCpih0
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انی دیا اے مذاق اے؟؟؟ @PTI_Paki
This website in Faisalabad is selling #NIKE shoes with #Allah written in Arabic under the sole. Please check and share... pic.twitter.com/1af4hLd4hB
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Aintezn18 @Ayshon04310732
@Nike Why are Nike selling trainers which clearly have “Allah”written in #Arabic. Remove shoes from sales. Disgusting and appalling #respect #religion #islam #muslim #offensive #complaint pic.twitter.com/urjSiNNabN
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Sputnik @SputnikInt
Blasphemous sneakers: Thousands of Muslims urge @Nike to remove 'Allah' shoes sptnkne.ws/k93w pic.twitter.com/lmAUcyM6vO
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Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet
Thousands of offended Muslims have signed a petition demanding that Nike remove a “blasphemous” and “offensive” shoe that they claim has “Allah” inscribed on the sole. infowars.com/offended-musli…
.@Nike is now being pressured to remove an #AirMax270 sneaker design that resembles “Allah” in Arabic. hypb.st/s6zvd
HotNewHipHop @HotNewHipHop
Thousands have signed a petition for Nike to recall the Air Max 720 "This is disrespectful and extremely offensive to Muslim’s and insulting to Islam." hotnewhiphop.com/nike-urged-to-…
RT @RT_com
Muslim customers demand #Nike sneakers recall over logo resembling ‘Allah’ in Arabic on.rt.com/9n7l pic.twitter.com/j4SBNPJ7Ik
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jeff mas @jeffmas1
Outraged Muslims are demanding Nike recall an 'offensive' line of trainers because the logo looks like Allah's name in Arabic. Saiqa Noreen launched a petition to pull the Air Max 270 shoe and has accused the sportswear giant of 'blasphemy'. What is it with these people👿👿👿👿 pic.twitter.com/3YcOUDllnQ
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Not your average bot!! @DavidKin2005
@19yas82 @Nike Because it's written in English. Now Nike has to understand Arabic before branding their shoes. Do you seriously hear yourself. Going to be a long day with all the victims coming out.
Sirus @StakGoldSilver
@19yas82 @Nike Boycott Nike my 1.6 Billion brothers and sisters. Adidas is better anyway.
Muhammad Jahangir @mjbepari
@Sainon04310732 @Nike it is not ALLAH. don't be a fanatic or instigator - the world already has enough problem. go and feed a poor.
Peter @HelioQuasar
@tauwheed1 @ManuRich3 @Watteny Its a styilized logo.... idk how its anything else
ManuRich @ManuRich3
@tauwheed1 @Watteny The "r" is not in caps. Stop creating a problem that doesn't exist
Tauwheed @tauwheed1
@ManuRich3 @Watteny You are right, but 'r' was imposed on 'm'....that's why it is subtle.
Andre Maranowitz @AndreMaranowitz
@HYPEBEAST @Nike they had the same same issue about 20+ years ago with another model but i don’t think anyone on sneaker twitter was alive for that

Ini bukan pertama kalinya Nike dihujat karena tulisan lafadz Allah. Tahun 1997, produk NIKE Air Bakin GS juga jadi perbincangan hangat karena diduga menyematkan lafadz Allah di bagian belakang sepatu.

Menurut pihak Nike, tulisan itu adalah 'Air' dengan kreasi font yang dibuat seperti tulisan Arab. Namun, karena hujatan yang diterima cukup keras dari umat muslim, Nike pun menarik penjualan Nike Air Bakin GS dari penjualan.  wolipop


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