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Sky News Twitter clampdown #savefieldproducer

Neal Mann aka @fieldproducer is one of the English-speaking jounalists on Twitter who opened the world up for me and showed what the social media can do/be used for. Now it seems that he no longer can retweet our tweets. This "we" includes me and possibly you, and Britain's Labour party leader, Sweden's foreign minister, the POTUS, and so on. What a loss if he can't "spread the word".
pajh @gominokouhai

@kevinbakhurst @newsmary Not a problem. Sky News journos haven't provided any information for a long time now.

08/02/2012 02:11:37 WIB
Maz Hamilton @newsmary

@gominokouhai That's just untrue. Obvious example is @fieldproducer but there are plenty of other excellent Sky journos on Twitter.

08/02/2012 02:31:04 WIB
pajh @gominokouhai

@newsmary Okay, I'm being facetious, but you've got a good point.

08/02/2012 02:56:15 WIB

The usual tweets by @fieldproducer (RTs and chats):

Neal Mann @fieldproducer

RT @AlArabiya_Eng Syria regime vows to pursue onslaught against 'terrorists' in Homs

07/02/2012 14:57:51 WIB
Neal Mann @fieldproducer

Russian Foreign Minister --> RT @shaunwalker7 Lavrov has arrived in Damascus a few minutes ago, says MID

07/02/2012 16:00:04 WIB
Neal Mann @fieldproducer

RT @Skytwitius: Syrian National Council and FSA issue joint appeal to businessmen to finance 'self defence operations'. Deeper and deeper....

07/02/2012 16:00:22 WIB
Jonathan Haynes @JonathanHaynes

RT @fieldproducer: RT @SkyNewsEd Aircraft has landed safely at Belfast International.

07/02/2012 18:29:18 WIB
Thomas Feaheny @ThomasFeaheny

@fieldproducer If you can teach me how to use Twitter teaching you gran should be easy.

07/02/2012 22:33:31 WIB
Andy Halls @AndyBizarre

@fieldproducer impressive. My grandad, aged 82, is a Times+ iPad subscriber.

07/02/2012 22:49:13 WIB
Neal Mann @fieldproducer

@NickRH14 you can see the notes on the piece of paper on the left! It's a must.

07/02/2012 22:56:25 WIB
Evie Varthi  @evievarthi

@fieldproducer: A true silver surfer, my 90 year old gran on her iPad” God bless her! Reminds me of my super gran!

07/02/2012 23:01:48 WIB
Neal Mann @fieldproducer

@emmaboon iPad really is easy for the elderly to use, well worth investing in

08/02/2012 00:07:55 WIB
rsidney @rdotsidney

@fieldproducer @emmaboon won't oldies forget where they last put their ipad or drop it when using it? a solid laptop on the table better

08/02/2012 00:11:46 WIB
cheryl dash @battydash

@fieldproducer @jamiesont Brilliant my Dad also 90 is very computer literate. There was something in water that year

08/02/2012 02:44:43 WIB
Rob Harris @RobHarris

RT @fieldproducer: Story of day - Undercover police officer 'chased himself' after being mistaken for burglar on CCTV

08/02/2012 00:28:51 WIB
Andrew Hough @andrew_hough

By me RT @fieldproducer: Story of day U/cover cop 'chased himself' after being mistkn 4 burglar on CCTV via @Telegraph

08/02/2012 03:22:48 WIB
Julian Gough @juliangough

The policeman who chased himself... This story (via @fieldproducer) is going to be SO ripped off by UK sitcom writers:

08/02/2012 03:18:07 WIB

Another P. K. Dick novel or reality? Sky News' new guideline

Kevin Bakhurst @kevinbakhurst

I'm told #SkyNews have stopped their journos retweeting information/tweets from journalists or people not working for Sky. Must be wrong??

08/02/2012 01:11:35 WIB
Josh Halliday @JoshHalliday

@kevinbakhurst Good old @fieldproducer can't stop retweeting non-Sky employees – and he's the man who should know..

08/02/2012 01:12:22 WIB
Kevin Bakhurst @kevinbakhurst

If that's true re #SkyNews - I can't see how they can engage on Twitter effectively? Must be wrong - someone tell me...

08/02/2012 01:12:31 WIB
Kevin Bakhurst @kevinbakhurst

@benfenton no idea - it's so bizarre that maybe it's not right...but I was told it on good authority

08/02/2012 01:14:53 WIB
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