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Oklahoma at Baylor Twitter Game Thread, February 6, 2012

Women's basketball: Oklahoma Sooners visit No. 1 Baylor Lady Bears, Ferrell Center, Waco, Texas.
Jamie Garrett @TheJamieGarrett

A louder crowd than usual tonight at the Ferrell Center. The pink attire has everyone pumped up. #BaylorWBB

07/02/2012 09:04:27 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

The moon is shining bright outside of the Ferrell Center as Oklahoma gets ready to take on No. 1 Baylor #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:07:59 WIB
Jamie Garrett @TheJamieGarrett

Early 7-2 lead for OU @ Ferrell Center and BU Lady Bears just turned it over again.

07/02/2012 09:10:21 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Kim Mulkey and Sherri Coale chat pregame. Mulkey rockin' a pink leather jacket for Play 4Kay #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:13:07 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Odyssey Sims with her second steal of the night leading to a layup,OU 9 BU 7 #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:15:10 WIB
Baylor Lariat @bulariat

With 14:49 left in the first half, #Baylor leads #Oklahoma 9-7. Odyssey Sims has 5 points and 2 steals.

07/02/2012 09:16:26 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Beautiful bounce pass from Jordan Madden to Odyssey Sims inside for an easy basket to tie it up, 11 all 12:50 #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:21:19 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

She makes both free throws, BU 13, OU 11 12:43 #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:22:15 WIB
Baylor Lariat @bulariat

With 11:44 left in the first half, #Baylor leads #Oklahoma 15-11. Sims had 9 followed by Brittney Griner with 6 points and 2 blocks.

07/02/2012 09:25:14 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Oklahoma's Play 4Kay game shoes - Baylor 15, Oklahoma 11 - 11:44

07/02/2012 09:26:39 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Jordan Madden w/a quick trey after the timeout to give BU a 7 pt. lead #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:28:07 WIB
Baylor Lariat @bulariat

After a midair put-back by Hayden, #Oklahoma calls time out with 10:13 left in the first half. #Baylor leads 20-11.

07/02/2012 09:29:37 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Monster block on one end then a sweet putback by Ne Ne Hayden on the other, crowd on their feet, Baylor 20, Oklahoma 11 -10:13 #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:29:54 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Odyssey Sims is a defensive demon, falls down on defense gets right back up to be a thief #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:31:03 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Nice crowd of Oklahoma faithful/parents behind the Sooners bench. They are vocal & someone's dad is about to lose it. #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:34:03 WIB
Jamie Garrett @TheJamieGarrett

OU's ladies doing a nice job guarding Griner, keeping her from touching the ball at all several trips down the floor. #FrustratedGriner

07/02/2012 09:34:37 WIB
Baylor Lariat @bulariat

With 7:49 left in the first half, #Baylor leads #Oklahoma 22-13. Sims and Griner combine for 17 points.

07/02/2012 09:35:33 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Brooklyn Pope gets the Charde Houston award tonight for her shorts. #ncaaw #dowhatworksforya @charhouston

07/02/2012 09:36:19 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Pope makes both of her FTs, BU 24, OU 13 7:38 #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:39:27 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

oohhhhh, you can't have the ball....did y'all see that? #grineresque

07/02/2012 09:41:58 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Lil' Dashawn Harden just gave Odyssey Sims a run for her money, almost stole it. #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:43:51 WIB
Baylor Lariat @bulariat

With 3:14 left in the game, #Baylor leads #Oklahoma 32-25. Griner has 12 points

07/02/2012 09:50:22 WIB πŸ€ @hoopfeed

Dear Lil' Dashawn, do not challenge Odyssey with a bunch of fancy dribbling. She will make you pay. #ncaaw

07/02/2012 09:54:39 WIB
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