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This NYC steakhouse is serving a $400 steak that's COVERED in gold 😱
Romjon Silver @RomjonS
@InsiderFood Why don't we season it with printer ink instead? Pretty expensive stuff, but at least it tastes like something unlike gold.
Lilith Lovett @LilithLovett
Gold is tasteless, it adds nothing to the food aside from the cost, there is absolutely no point in any of this. It honestly irks me to see precious metal be used for this kind of purposes.…
That MΔd Scientist Pooka @TheQuQu
1) Gold is very expensive, 50-100 bucks for a nugget the size of your fingernail 2) Gold leaf is so thin it's not expensive at all. They put about ten bucks worth of gold leaf on that steak lmao…
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