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Spider in my Tweets

One day a spider got into my tweets...
Stoo @LiveStoo

Oh, look! There's a little spider on my Tweet: >> ж

07/02/2012 18:57:55 WIB
Stoo @LiveStoo

Okay, you can get off my tweets now, little spider... ж

07/02/2012 19:00:11 WIB
Stoo @LiveStoo

Fucking spider! Fuck off my Tweet! ж

07/02/2012 19:03:22 WIB
Stoo @LiveStoo

Oi! Stop eating my full stopsж

07/02/2012 19:08:42 WIB
Stoo @LiveStoo


07/02/2012 19:15:33 WIB
Stoo @LiveStoo


07/02/2012 19:16:38 WIB
Stoo @LiveStoo


07/02/2012 19:17:14 WIB
Stoo @LiveStoo


07/02/2012 19:18:42 WIB
Stoo @LiveStoo

Got rid of him! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

07/02/2012 19:19:26 WIB
Stoo @LiveStoo

Well that's never happened before...!

07/02/2012 19:20:50 WIB
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