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A response to Chris Hedges "cancer" article, 140 characters at a time.

Read Chris Hedges attack on Occupy Oakland: Then, if you really have to, you can read my response on Twitter.
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

Oh my God, now that I read two paragraphs of Hedges diatribe I realize what complete fucking moron he is.

07/02/2012 05:16:12 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

Hedges: "Black Bloc anarchists spend most of their fury not on the architects of NAFTA or globalism, but on [others] such as the Zapatistas"

07/02/2012 05:17:39 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

"easier to pick up a rock and throw it through window than organize, or at least figure out which window you should throw a rock through"...

07/02/2012 05:24:12 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

Problematic though it may have been, the Travellers Aid building takeover took more thought than throwing a random rock at a random window.

07/02/2012 05:25:16 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

Socialist Hedges "There is a word for this—'criminal.'" vs. Socialist Debs "As long as there's a criminal element, I am of it."

07/02/2012 05:26:42 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

Hedges: "Once the Occupy movement is painted as a flag-burning, rock-throwing, angry mob we are finished." Me: "Then stop talking."

07/02/2012 05:30:10 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

Hedges: "This is a struggle to win hearts & minds of wider public & those within structures of power (including the police)" LOLOLOLOL!!!!

07/02/2012 05:31:45 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

"[Black Bloc] arrogate the right, bc they're enlightened & we r not, 2 dismiss & ignore competing points of view as infantile & irrelevant."

07/02/2012 05:36:51 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

Hedges: "They believe only their own clichés. And this makes them not only deeply intolerant but stupid." This shit is hilarious.

07/02/2012 05:37:35 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

"We have to go through process of trying to work w/ system and getting screwed. It is only then that we get to move beyond it." OBAMA 2012!!

07/02/2012 05:39:31 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

The #ftp march was both #BlackBloc and explicitly non-violent. Hedges must be spinning in his armchair.

07/02/2012 05:40:57 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

@akerfoot It takes hard work and organization to fill 100 bottles full of urine to throw at the cops.

07/02/2012 05:42:09 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

LMAO!!! RT @akerfoot: @OccupiedOakTrib And I suppose he thinks people just showed up on #J28 and were like "Oh shit! You made a shield too?"

07/02/2012 05:43:02 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

If, like me, you were previously unaware of Derek Jensen, his book covers reveal that he is really into hand and trees:

07/02/2012 06:07:57 WIB
Occupied Oak Trib @OccupiedOakTrib

If the goal of #J28 was to get our asses beat by the police, I wish somebody had told me that in advance. #OO

07/02/2012 06:28:29 WIB


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