Mr Baloch🏳 @ItsASJBaloch
Tehran, Iran. No one can stop us dancing💃. No mullaha neither regime. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. pic.twitter.com/wYBT9eWba2
. @PrakaashL
@ASJBaloch But it is too late. Most of the world have reached the moon & are planning for Mars. While they still struggling with the hijab & the regime.
SFGuy Who Punches Nazis & Commits White Genocide🌹 @sfguy1818
@PrakaashL @ASJBaloch If you think most of world is far beyond Iran, then you clearly aren’t paying attention. The forces of oppression are everywhere. You can ignore it, or you can stand with these women and fight. Pretending the struggle is done, or that there is nothing left to do is wrong.
MatteFU @rinkeby
@ASJBaloch @HedvigKrook I love seeing these young ladies dancing an being happy.. 👍❤️
Ben @AnotherBenHong
@ASJBaloch @yashar This is amazing. Sending you love from California 🕊
Scooby @Isaacillinmi
@ASJBaloch @Glinner Sending love from the UK.. Keeeeeep dancing! 💖💖💖💖
outsidethebox @spider_munkey1
@PrakaashL @ASJBaloch You're wrong on many levels here. There are still struggles all over the world. Pay attention. They exist. And even if that were the case it's no excuse to leave anyone else behind.
Hossein Ghazanfari @TehranDC
@PrakaashL They also send missiles into space. Two separate issues.
OK Berma @vforvulgarity
@Thebeak @PrakaashL @ASJBaloch Plus holy shit, I wish I could dance as half as good as they can.
Natasha Phillips 🐊 @SobukiRa
@ASJBaloch There's a well known Iranian saying: we have learned to dance in order to avoid the bombs. Courageous girls. (Music lovers, the song is called Step Inside, by New_ID & SOVTH).
Kookaburra @Thebeak
@vforvulgarity @PrakaashL @ASJBaloch U bet...I was hoping that video clip went on longer 😊
Wybe @wybew
@PrakaashL @ASJBaloch Well, the people who landed on the moon are the same ones who think there is this grey haired dude in the sky who created everything in 6 days and who listens to their prayers. So I think there's hope still for these ladies.
Bliss Seeker @blissseeker1
@PrakaashL @ASJBaloch How dare you tell them it’s too late. It’s never too late to take steps forward and always possible to pay attention and catch up!
IQ9 @IQ920
@PrakaashL @ASJBaloch It's never too late. Sometime (1953) while ur head was stuck somewhere in LA LA Land, theUS was overthrowing the democratically elected government of Iran&installing a pro-US puppet there. Keep the fk to your own land & leave the moon&Mars alone too - y'all'll fk that up as well.
Erik van Zuidam @vzuidam
@PrakaashL @ASJBaloch I don’t agree . Iran is full of bright young people. We saw that with our own eyes this year. The change will come from the inside and not through force of the outside.
Nextgreatmedia #COPPA sucks @THENewOwlM4N
@PrakaashL @ASJBaloch Actually in the 60s(maybe earlier) they were free from this, Iran took a huge step back, but it is not too late, getting to the moon doesn't mean your nation is an amazing humanitarian nation
Khattab Al @tapsytee1
@spider_munkey1 @PrakaashL @ASJBaloch Most of the world has reached the moon and planning on Mars and we are still trying to figure out brexit 🤷🏽‍♂️
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