Katlego Marule @Kaygee_089
@kwilli1046 It's been 2 years since I last smoked my last cigarette and It was the best decision l made about my life.
Gianna 👑 @FrostyStylesxo
@kwilli1046 @BinBlueSacked I watch this as im smoking a cigarette. 🚬🚬🚬 death awaits
Jeffrey McPheter @backfourty
@kwilli1046 Thats why I don’t smoke through a tube and bottle
Richard Steel @123rsteel
@Kaygee089 @dug_danger @kwilli1046 11 years clear for me when fags were £6 a pack - just saw someone buying a packet of B&H (my old brand) for £11.85, I used to smoke 20 a day, that would be bankruptcy now. well done!
Dale England @goe4hockey
@kwilli1046 @CarBombBoom13 I had a shop teacher in high school (I know years ago) who had lungs in pressed glass of a non smoker and of a smoker. Non smoker was light in color and the smoker was black. Decision was made right then.
Cordelia Hecker @AutisticHelpsU
@goe4hockey @kwilli1046 @CarBombBoom13 My mom tells my grandma's story of as a nurse watching doctors right after looking at the disgusting messed up lungs of a smoking client, would go out for a smoke break. Most smokers don't give a crap about their, or anyone else's, health.
1in8billions 🌍 @AudeKeubon
@AutisticHelpsU @goe4hockey @kwilli1046 @CarBombBoom13 I think it’s because they were already addicted to 🚬 and their stressful job is not helping. These really should not be in the market period.
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