nwhepcat @nwhepcat
@benFranklin2018 I am pretty sure the Australian gym guy is the one who just got tased to death for stabbing his date.
nwhepcat @nwhepcat
@benFranklin2018 Yeah! He's talking in the foreground while the guy on the stretchy thing goes apeshit!
nwhepcat @nwhepcat
@benFranklin2018 I know! I only recognized him because of some commentary about another article with a headline that made him sound like the victim.
Benjamin Franklin🆘 @benFranklin2018
Oh wow, this is really blowing up. My account sucks, check out @sarahkendzior whose podcast @gaslitnation just got nominated as the best of 2018. She predicted many things!
Dede @retiredtxteach
@nwhepcat @benFranklin2018 That’s kinda creepy, isn’t it? I hadn’t paid any attention to him the first time I watched it—to busy laughing at the poor fool behind him. But damn, it’s him, isn’t it?
nwhepcat @nwhepcat
@retiredtxteach @benFranklin2018 Yep. Seeing him twice in two days, in those circumstances, is bizarre.


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