The Dodo @dodo
These animals saw friends in danger – and jumped in to save them ❤️ pic.twitter.com/LCFINnXH5z
O.Damarany  @ODamarany
@dodo When you’ve had a sh*t day and you just need a hug ❤️ pic.twitter.com/KYdfwjJpve
Linda Gibney @LindaGibney2
@dodo And certain people claim animals have no feels or emotions
𝕻𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖆𝖓𝖙 @ThePeasantSwan
@dodo Just a little proof that animals are phenomenal and we disgusting humans don’t deserve them
VIKINGS (don't) STINK (today) @DessonJake
@dodo The basic instinct of all living creatures is to help, not to hurt. Doesn't matter the species. From the small to the tall, God bless them All 😍
RW @RobbWuddog
@dodo If only more humans were like these animals.
BizCoachjkr @BizCoachjkr
@dodo Animals. Often So much better than humans. 💕💕💕
Champing_at_the_Bit @SouthXSouthLEFT
@dodo One day—sooner than later—when greed, dogmatic religion & willfully-stupid trumpism destroy our environment and the human race, the surviving animals on Earth will exhale with relief and set about the task of restoring actual humanity to a once-again paradise of a world.
@dodo When that kitten fell i screamed;-;
RW @RobbWuddog
@antifajedi @dodo That did cross my mind. My hope is that they would have helped if the situation became dire.
Chris S.Dixon @CrickChris
@dodo What amazing clips, the love, care & courage of others animals to help those in need, does the heart good! :-)
linda bertinelli @linda_lindylou
@dodo @rhonda_harbison NATURE IS SO AMAZING:) Thank You for sharing this inspiration:/
carlos A. @mafaldafox
@dodo @Flo_Jackson_ Los animales nos dan tantas enseñanzas. Pero los seres humanos no aprendemos. Pienso q los racionales son ellos. No nosotros. Que lindo video.
Danielle Grace Franco @franco_danielle
@dodo This is the most incredible thing about our beautiful planet! We need to protect it and stop cruelty towards all creatures of all shapes and sizes. This is my pledge for 2019!


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