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Rekaman Pasangan Naik Ayunan Ini Awalnya Sih Romantis dan Bisa Bikin Jealous, Tapi Detik-Detik Berikutnya Bikin Ketawa Ngakak

Duh romantisnya...tapi sayang...
karla 🕊 @karlalala14

@TheFunnyVine @E_EAZY1295 this is what I thought was going to happen to us yesterday.

05/11/2018 07:10:31 WIB
karla 🕊 @karlalala14

@E_EAZY1295 @TheFunnyVine The swing is in charge, we’re just Millicent Bystander!

05/11/2018 09:48:07 WIB
Yamil Diaz 🦝 @Ednallica

@luuis9am @TheFunnyVine Hahaha that would happen to us! I love how the girl consoled her man after the fall. That's definitely going to be us.. right down to the consolation part. Future Edna's got you boo.

05/11/2018 23:14:56 WIB
Luuis 🌵 @luuis9am

@Ednallica @TheFunnyVine You're the Texas toast to my patty melt 🍔❤️

05/11/2018 23:21:18 WIB
Yamil Diaz 🦝 @Ednallica

@luuis9am @TheFunnyVine Did you just reference my favorite item off the Whataburger menu? Oof. 😍❤

05/11/2018 23:30:54 WIB


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