:) . @duplicate_ki
@VERYINTERESTlNG Starting at 0:15 you can see its reflection off to the left, making this a double rainbow and even more amazing 😍
Jimmy's Brother @Tortmon13
@VERYINTERESTlNG Even have a double in there. Such a cool thing to see in person.
TomatoGravy @SaintsNation7
@VERYINTERESTlNG Go in that thing i bet you end up in Wakanda. 🤔
⏳Tamoja⌛️. @tammy_oja
@VERYINTERESTlNG @Claribel_Ortega My whole life is a lie——-rainbows are actually circles???
Özlem ☕️ @ozderki
@tammy_oja @VERYINTERESTlNG @Claribel_Ortega It’s about your angle I guess. When you look at rain drops high enough, you can see the light breaking through lower rain drops than your standing point, it will look like a whole circle. We literally can try spray water in front of light beam to observe the full rainbow in lab
⏳Tamoja⌛️. @tammy_oja
@ozderki @VERYINTERESTlNG @Claribel_Ortega Your English was perfectly clear - and I get that- angle. Makes me wonder what else I should be examining from another angle. Great lesson for all of life really..thanks!
⏳Tamoja⌛️. @tammy_oja
@ozderki @VERYINTERESTlNG @Claribel_Ortega What a cool thing to think about. Each of us seeing s rainbow in a unique and wonderful way. That’s science magic!
harveybars @hrvbrs
@FargoGump @VERYINTERESTlNG the rainbow you see is a circle, which is the cross section of a cone formed by light rays. the cone’s vertex is the source of light: the sun. the fusion reactions in the sun’s core produce heavy elements, including gold. so there really is gold at the end of the rainbow.
harveybars @hrvbrs
@FargoGump @VERYINTERESTlNG i think either @AsapSCIENCE or @minutephysics did a video on this but i can’t seem to find it!
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