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Decrease All Bacteria @DABacteria

Do you know that bacteria can be spread through the air? Check our new funny cringe covered video on how to prevent bacteria free flying out from your sneeze (definetly not cat videos)

15/12/2018 11:20:03 WIB
Healthy @healthy

To keep body fat at bay, eat an apple–or two–a day. Apples are high in pectin, which binds with water and limits the amount of fat your cells can absorb. Apples are also high in fiber, which curbs hunger, cleanses and helps you feel good. #Healthy #Food #News

01/11/2018 01:33:55 WIB
Health @health

Study finds influenza might be spread simply by breathing, not just by coughing or sneezing

23/01/2018 20:42:47 WIB
Health @health

Health Deal: Amazon has 30% off select SmartyPants vitamins and probiotics as a deal of the day today

15/01/2018 22:19:47 WIB
Vegan @vegan

Cabbage is like beans: super cheap, full of nutrients, delicious in winter dishes, and totally underrated. Try different styles and colors of cabbage, especially purple.

20/12/2018 23:24:52 WIB @doctor

Millennials are more skeptical of doctors than previous generations, relying on peer reviews and online information to make their #healthcare decisions. Providers must use new digital tools to reach this demographic — today and in the years to come.

10/12/2018 23:03:24 WIB


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