INSIDER @thisisinsider
These tattoos turn your skin into a green screen 📺 pic.twitter.com/67s0LOWfl0
Jesse Custer @Reverend_Custer
Morty: B-But Rick what if we're just like in a dimension where we're actually tattoos on-on a guys arm!? Rick: It's called a green screen Morty pic.twitter.com/w0jSqUyhWg
Pretty52 @Pretty52
OMG, green-screen tattoos exist and they look amazing! 😍 IG: tat2worthy pic.twitter.com/gWADKuOqlZ
Vocativ @vocativ
These green screen tattoos let you screen whatever you want from your phone onto your skin! 😱 pic.twitter.com/dMg2OXqZUY
Elevate | Robert Wells @ElevateMao
Someone yesterday said they wanted to green screen while streaming but it did like weird effects on their tattoos. Can’t remember who it was, but if anyone remembers, show them this. pic.twitter.com/Lo5KUR37Op
Hennessy🥃 @lilhennybottle
i’m in loveeee cause wow the rick & morty one🤤🤤🤤 twitter.com/thisisinsider/…
marissa @rissiross
**insert that gif of squidward in the fetal position going 'fuuUuTturrRreeEe'** twitter.com/thisisinsider/…
Senpai 🙏🏽 @AllanFloress_
Green screen tattoo added to the bucket list ✅
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