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Detik-detik Hakim Jatuhkan Hukuman Kurungan ke 'Emak-emak' Gara-gara Tertawai Keluarga Korban Kecelakaan Lalu Lintas, Nontonnya Bikin Pengen Tepuk Tangan

Bravo, bu hakim!
laney @misslaneym

Bravo to this Judge who threw a drunk driver’s mom in jail for laughing at victim’s family in court

06/12/2018 11:13:47 WIB
d n t u n v m e 2 @dntunvme2

@misslaneym When she said, “ANYBODY ELSE WANNA GO, YOU CAN GO TOO”. That had the courtroom shook

07/12/2018 04:09:18 WIB
Trish Palmer @TrishPalmerYVR

@misslaneym @Pajjr2016 "My mouth? My mouth? Your mouth got you 93 days". Boom. 🔥

06/12/2018 22:46:52 WIB

Pada nyatanya, perempuan tersebut hanya ditahan selama satu hari setelah dirinya meminta maaf.

Licari @MlicariEsq

@misslaneym Bravo? What’s wrong with guy? 93 days for laughing and and smiling is absurd and it violates the 1st Amendment. Holy cow that’s an egregious decision by the court.

07/12/2018 03:33:40 WIB
Silver Winds @SiIver_Winds

@MlicariEsq @HollyMacMakeup @misslaneym Read the full article. Judge reduced it to one day after the mother came back to her court room and apologized.

07/12/2018 11:29:56 WIB
missvietgirl408 @lynnnnn_n

@BonnieLatino @tmwsiy @PattyOLimerick @misslaneym @Pajjr2016 She only served one day Bc she came back to the court and apologized 😒

07/12/2018 08:04:40 WIB
Parker @tmwsiy

@PattyOLimerick @misslaneym @Pajjr2016 this happened over a year ago and the judge didn't follow through on the threat to jail that hideous woman unfortunately.

07/12/2018 07:55:04 WIB
URL Judge throws drunk driver’s mom in jail for laughing at victim’s family in court "These people are here grieving ... and you’re sitting here acting like it’s a joke?" 2186


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