Inaugural international combined #SLPchat with @SLPchat Feb 2012

Today we kicked off an international effort in #SLPchat, starting with the Southern Hemisphere, since we get to the day earlier, and will continue later today with the Northern Hemisphere tweeps and @SLPchat again :) Today we discussed what we have in our profiles on Twitter, to show we are 'real', and how we might choose whether to identify or not identify ourselves for different reasons.
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

After some slight technical difficulties, I am online and ready for #SLPchat to begin!

05/02/2012 12:17:53 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

#SLPchat will begin very soon! If you're wondering what we're going to talk about, the topic is here:

05/02/2012 12:21:04 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

If you're participating in #SLPchat for the first time, info about how to participate is here:

05/02/2012 12:23:01 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

5 mins until #SLPchat begins! Tips for participating are here . Don't forget to use the hashtag on every post!

05/02/2012 12:23:32 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

@bronwynah #SLPchat it's shorter, and it's what's used for all the chats, no matter what the topic is.

05/02/2012 12:23:56 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

Welcome to #SLPchat everyone! Today we're talking about #twittercred!

05/02/2012 12:31:02 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

Today's #slpchat icebreaker question is: "My ideal work day would begin with..." include the hashtag #slpchat with your answer!

05/02/2012 12:32:52 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

My ideal work day would begin with coffee &30mins in the (shared) office without my chatty colleagues! #slpchat

05/02/2012 12:34:17 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

@bronwynah it can, if I get up early enough! I love to chat, but I love to be organised before the chatting starts! #slpchat

05/02/2012 12:36:21 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

How much info do you choose to give about yourself/your workplace in your twitter handle/profile? #slpchat

05/02/2012 12:40:02 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

I'm somewhat anonymous- there are people who know who I am, but no surname in my profile, and I don't mention the org I work for. #slpchat

05/02/2012 12:44:28 WIB
miss speech @miss_speech

I don't use my full name, but it wouldn't be hard to figure it out... I don't mention my employer in tweets. #slpchat

05/02/2012 12:46:02 WIB
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley

@SLPChat I'm identifying myself, I feel it is not really watertight when people - small field - work out who you are & can divulge #SLPchat

05/02/2012 12:47:05 WIB
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley

@miss_speech all I 'think' I can tell about you is probs female, based in US, the word elementary backs that up, nominates as SLP #SLPchat

05/02/2012 12:48:56 WIB
Shareka/Tanya @SLPChat

If you aren't using your full name, are there reasons for that choice? Do you see advantages/disadvantages? #SLPchat

05/02/2012 12:50:02 WIB
Lauren Osborne @speechieLO

@bronwynah you're right, it's not watertight- many here who know exactly who I am- limited pool of SLPS in Syd named Lauren! #slpchat

05/02/2012 12:50:09 WIB
Prof Bronwyn Hemsley @BronwynHemsley

@PrairieSLP do you think other people know who you are though, anyway? #SLPchat

05/02/2012 12:54:13 WIB
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