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#IntJC Session 10 transcript "Justice on the cheap"

#IntJC The Interpreting Journal Club Session 10 transcript on February 4th, 2012. Topic: "Justice on the cheap", the case of the UK Minister of Justice outsourcing provision of interpreting services to the private sector. Check:
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Hi everyone. Session 10 of the Interpreting Journal Club is starting now. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:00:02 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

It’s 10 pm here in Tokyo. Good morning, good day, good evening wherever you are. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:00:26 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Thanks as always for all the support, spontaneous promotion of #IntJC and being around. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:00:47 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

I invite you self-introduce when you come aboard. Say who, where you are and your relationship to interpreting. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:01:10 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

I am Lionel, in Tokyo, Liaison Interpreting for Business #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:01:29 WIB
Esperancita de la traducción / Flow (she/ella) 💜 @SeulementFleur

@lioneltokyo Morning Lionel! 10 am in Argentina too. I'm Florencia, terp-to-be. Though, not judiciary. I'm here to learn! ;) #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:01:57 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

While you warm up the engine, a few messages. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:02:04 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

If you use TweetChat as front end, set refresh speed to minimum 5 sec. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:02:43 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Don’t forget to add the hashtag #IntJC if you do it manually. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:03:09 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Don’t hesitate to jump in while the show is running. Self-introduce too. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:03:25 WIB
Emmalyne Mathon @EmmalyneMathon

Good afternoon! I am Emmalyne, a fledgling court & conference interpreter in the Netherlands, 2pm here. Will mostly be listening in! #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:03:49 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

We are tackling a serious issue with commodification of our various services, not limited to the UK, not limited to legal terp. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:03:59 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Welcome Emmalyne, nice to have you here. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:05:05 WIB
Booth Rat #TTI Test Trace Isolate @boothrat

Hi Everyone, 1st time here! Sometime SIM interpreter @ ECJ Lux - struck by monopoly aspect of MoJ scheme & commodification of prof. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:05:37 WIB
Lionel Dersot @lioneltokyo

Hi Bart. Don't forget to add the hashtag #IntJC to be in the loop #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:06:10 WIB
Avinc @avinc1

Hello everyone. This is Isabel on behalf of AVINC #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:06:11 WIB
Gerda Prato-Espejo @gerdabilingual

Hello there, I'm Gerda, Court Interpreter in the US, tweeting from New Jersey. #IntJC

04/02/2012 20:08:11 WIB
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