Kecepatan Bagai Kilat, Sebelum Berkedip TIM F1 Sudah Selesai Mengganti Ban

luar biasa kerja tim f1 ini
sirkuit lomba F-1 awesomes balapan
Bianca Marella Putri Salusu @biancalla
@xxlfunny1 aku keluarin odol buat di sikat gigi aja 15 detik
シャヒダ • @syahidaalam_
@xxlfunny1 @dorokdoker I think about Guido and Luigi now, they must be proud.
Θωμάς ο Άπιστος @SuddenDeath8
@xxlfunny1 @ArtPicsChannel Κι εμείς πάμε συνεργείο και το κρατάνε καμμιά βδομάδα μέσα...
ms.follower31 @msfollower1231
@xxlfunny1 I used to watch Formula 1 and that was always my favorite part
Wayne_Keeton @WayneKeeton8
@xxlfunny1 Theres 15 guys on the PS...valid? I think not. Impressive yes.
Bee @DanthebeemanBee
@xxlfunny1 @MaireadEvvoMc To make F1 vaguely interesting again, I would make the emancipated dwarves that drive now get out and change the wheels themselves.
Michel Souris @MichelSouris2
@xxlfunny1 LOL they didn't even have time to empty the ashtray??


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