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Bri @briannacry
Hey twitter, I met this girl on a dinner cruise in Hawaii in 2006. We were basically bestfriends for that night so I need y’all to help me find my bestfriend cause I miss her and I need to see how she’s doing now. Please retweet this so we can be reunited. pic.twitter.com/LRtk6ClvV3
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Maria José Figueired @MJoseFigueiredo
@briannacry @duganjames Takes a little while but you both get there. You'll meet again. God's promisse.
Bri @briannacry
umm this was at 9 retweets when I fell asleep.. Sooo I’m looking for a husband as well so y’all can try to find him too while y’all search for girly. thanks ❤️
heii @heii_tree

Soon, but not now. | IG: heii_tree.jpg

lucas @stylesndetails
@heii_tree @briannacry are u talking on private? this friendship needs to come true
heidi @heii_tree
@stylesndetails @briannacry Yup!! I’m trying to finish my essay rn so I’m only sparsely on, but yes we are 😊
Bri @briannacry
@heii_tree ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️omg my heart is so happy
Dawson Dolly @thedawsondolly
@briannacry So are y’all really gonna be best friends now because that would just be so great.
heidi @heii_tree
@SauveGuapo @briannacry Yes!! This morning has been wild 😂😂😂
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